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Disney World by Grace McGrail


by Grace McGrail

Over vacation I went to Orlando, Florida. I went with my 2 sisters, my mom and my dad. There was no specific reason we went there we just wanted to go on vacation.  We went there during April Vacation in the Spring of 2014. We drove there and we stayed there from Friday to Wednesday.

When we went there we stayed in a town house inside was very pretty. There were palm trees but thats really it. When we stayed there we went to the Disney Boardwalk and Magic Kingdom and both of them were extremely fun! I was so happy to be there. One meal we had there was pancakes for breakfast, nothing I ate there was new to me, but I love pancakes and we had them on Easter morning.. Something new that I did there was I got to watch an Irish Step dance performance when I went out to dinner one night, it was really cool and I would love to watch it again.

Yes I would recommend this trip because it was really fun and was worth the 20 hour ride in the car!  And, yes I would go back because it was super fun. I would say that one piece of advice is to go to the Disney Boardwalk because there is so much fun stuff to do there like restaurants and shopping and live shows and it’s an awesome experience.





  1. Why would you drive 20 hours to Disney? I would take a plane. Anyways good article.

  2. Mrs. Carney says:

    Well done Grace. I’d love to drive down to Florida. Makes for a great adventure with a lot of stories.

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