My Trip to France by Sofia Antonellis

My Trip to France

by Sofia Antonellis

I went to France.  While I was in France I visited Paris, Normandy, Aix en Provence, and Nice.  I went with my family and my mom’s school, as she is a teacher and was running the trip.  I went there during April vacation.  I went there by plane.  The trip was seven days and six nights.

France was very modern and city like.  However there were rural areas that were used for farming.  It was in Europe.  There were many old buildings that had been built many many years ago.  We did a lot of sightseeing and went on a boat ride along the Seine River.  I was very excited as it was my very first time visiting France.  One good meal I had was a crepe.  It has sugar, ice cream, and whipped cream on it.  The other food I had was all very good as well.  One new thing I did was see the Mona Lisa.  I also tried boiled squid for the first time and it was delicious.

I would recommend this trip to my friends because it was very fun and cool going to a different continent and country.  It was cool seeing the different culture.  I would go back because I had a very good time this time and there is a lot more i would like to see.  I would tell them to look for pick pockets because there are a lot of them there.  France was a magnificent place and I would definitely go back there anytime.

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  1. Thomas Swanton says:

    We learned about Nice in social studies. I really like France and I think its really cool you went 😀

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