THE GOLDEN DOOR by Amelia Pyron


                                            THE GOLDEN DOOR                               

The lion’s roar shakes the ground

making waves tumble on the shore

The sky grows dark rather quickly,

making the waves black as night.

I hear the tumbling waves

whisper my name.

The twinkling stars reflect off the dark stormy wave,

showing me a whole new world of imagination.

The wave rises up, exhibiting a golden door.

I walk into a world I never heard of

A girl in a ghostly white dress takes my hand.

She tells me I am in Salandia.

A gentle breeze trails through my hair.

She leads me to a silver palace,

Gleaming with twinkling stars the palace towers above me.

A great jeweled door opens in front of me,

and I cautiously follow the girl.

She takes me to an empty room, then vanishes in mid-air.

I pound on the walls until I see the golden door again.

I so wish to get out!

The wind suddenly picks me up,

and carries me through the golden door.



                                                        -Amelia Pyron



  1. I love your poem Amelia! So cool!

  2. I love it!

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