My Favorite Athlete, Gabby Douglas by Sophie Rich

My Favorite Athlete – Gabby Douglas

by Sophie Rich

My favorite athlete is 2012 gymnastics Olympic champion Gabby Douglas. Like most Olympic athletes, Gabby was a hard worker, but the fact that she is almost always smiling sets her apart from other athletes. The spot on the Olympic team was definitely not handed to her. Not only did she have to work hard at the sport, she had a lot of convincing to do to her mother. Before the Olympics, her whole families life was far from easy.

As an infant Gabby was homeless and her mother left her father. From then on, Gabby’s mother was a single mother of four kids and moved in with her grandmother. When her mom got their own place sports bills were high and she got sick. Gabby was a natural and did everything she could to go to the Olympics even if it meant moving across the country to a foster family.

Gabby Douglas was an amazing gymnast and person. She inspires people to do what they want and find ways to make it easier. I recommend for you to do more research on her if you are interested.

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