Walsh Variety Show

Friday May 15, 2015

What a wonderful evening at Walsh’s Variety Show on Friday, May 15th! The PTO organized the event and got many students involved with singing, dancing, skits, magic acts, and more! Staff members even got involved with a few creative acts – Mr. Johnson ripped it up on the guitar playing some Guns and Rose, Nirvana, and AC/DC with his “band members” including a fabulous job on guitar by 8th grader Carlos Mejia, flute Rishabh Jain, and drums, Jonathan Soares.

About 20 staff members as well as the Walsh Wildcat and the Framingham Flyer mascots danced to “Up Town Funk” for the finale!

A wonderful addition to the show was that several Walsh Alumni performed as well. Many of them are in college drama groups, some even perform professionally on stage!

It was an exciting and fun night for all!

If you haven’t seen the article and pictures in the Framingham Patch yet from Susan Petroni/Petroni Media Company – check them out here!

We’ve also put some of the photos from the Petroni Media Company in an E-Zine gallery here –

Walsh alumni performing –

Thanks to the Walsh PTO for organizing such a fun night for us all! And a special thanks to Walsh’s music teacher, Ms. McDermott, for helping so many of the students with their acts and performances (as well as rockin’ it out herself in the staff dance number!)

Add a comment if you were in the show or in the audience!


  1. Ms. O'Brien says:

    So many talented kids in one place….then it must be Walsh! Great job everyone.

    Ms. Dykeman and Mr Doner were spectacular! The Wildcat was great too;)

  2. E-Zine Editors says:

    What a fun night, Walsh!
    Great job to all the wonderful and entertaining student and staff performances!
    Just like the sign on the front of the school says –
    Walsh has TALENT!!

  3. Mrs. Lackard says:

    It was wonderful! Wow…The students showed-up and showed-off! Mr. Johnson and his band were great….the dancing and singing acts were great….the Walsh alumni were phenomenal….and the Walsh staff in the dance…WOW! It was wonderful!

  4. Mrs. Maglione says:

    What a wonderful night for all of you! Great job, everyone! I wish I was there. All of you make Walsh a great place to be.

  5. Mrs. Stewart says:

    We have so many talented students and staff! I’m so proud and happy to be part of the Walsh community.

  6. Ms. Marabello says:

    It was so fun to watch current students and alumni perform! I had no idea that Walsh had such talent, and I am so proud of all of the performers. I also loved dancing the surprise act at the end and dancing to uptown funk! 🙂

  7. Mrs. Flanders says:

    What amazing talent Walsh has – students and faculty! It looked like an absolutely awesome night – can’t wait for next year!!

  8. Brock Hoey says:

    It was sooo much fun and congrats to the performers

  9. It was so much fun and everyone did awesome!

  10. It was really fun to be part of the Variety Show

  11. Brett Williams says:

    Congrats Walsh,
    I wasn’t there but it looked like like so much fun. I bet you all did great! NICE JOB!!!!!!!

  12. Nolan fitts says:

    I was there, It was awesome!

  13. I didn’t get to go to the variety show but it looks like it was a lot of fun.

  14. karla martinez says:

    it looked fun :3

  15. Congratulations to all performers!

  16. wish I could have gone

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Watching it was so much fun!

  18. that looks like so much fun!!

  19. I didn’t see the show, but it looked really fun 🙂

  20. Good job to all the students that participated, it looked like a lot of fun!!

  21. awesome job to all of the people

  22. i was tech crew and it was so fun

  23. I was great i went and i was in it.

  24. looked fun wish I
    could have gone

  25. Looked like lots of fun! Wish I could have gone.

  26. Ryan Remenar says:

    I couldn’t make it because i was at a friends party but I really would’ve liked to come and it looks like it was fun to participate in but also to watch i really wish i could’ve come!

  27. I wasn’t there but it looked like it was fun

  28. I went and it was so much fun! There were so many cool acts and I hope we do it again next year!

  29. I wasn’t there but it loooked like it was fun

  30. your conscience says:

    I was in the “conscience and you” skit! (I was the conscience, because I’m weird like that) Being there was a lot of fun!

  31. I wasn’t there but it looked like it was fun

  32. I was there it was over amazing.You should do it again, and you made a fun experience. It was awesome and I would go again. I LOVED THE ANGEL DANCE ACT!

    from:Alexis Sommer

  33. Katherine says:

    it was so much fun to participate in. For anybody who went – huge shout out to Julio!

  34. Had a blast! Great job everyone!

  35. it looks fun i wanted to watch it

  36. amanda lamberti says:

    everyone did a great job but the two that i REALLY REALLY LOVED were Sara and Brendan omg sara was really really good and Brendan is my idol 🙂

  37. Wow I wish I could’ve went there

  38. Everyone did so good! I had so much fun watching everyone!!

  39. Isis Rock says:

    The alumni people were really good!!!

  40. Brooke Curry says:

    Great job everyone! such a fun night!!!!!! Hopefully another next year! Second annual!!

  41. Julissa Rosario says:

    it was so much fun watching the variety show with all the talented people – mostly the singers. You guys did awesome. Mr. Doner was too funny and it was funny when he did the whip :*D

  42. Looked like it was a great night! Great job everyone!!

  43. Thomas Casale says:

    Seemed like so much fun i wish i could have gone

  44. It was great! I loved it! So funny!

  45. Lebron James says:

    Sounds cool! I wish I was in it!!

  46. I wish I was there.It sounded great

  47. I heard it was a good show, and I wish i could have been there.

  48. Nick Parga says:


  49. Great Job Everyone you did good!

  50. the Walsh variety show sounded like a good time

  51. Great Job everyone!

  52. every one did a great job!

  53. The Variety Show was a great time. I’m glad I spent my Friday night at it! The acts were so good

  54. henry callahan says:

    good job

  55. The Variety Show was a great fun time! I’m glad I went on my Friday night!

  56. Looks good

  57. Good job everyone!

  58. I went to the variety show with my friends! Everyone was so good and I think that we have many talented people here at Walsh! Good job to everyone who participated!

  59. Kaitlin B. says:

    you guys were really good! :3

  60. yay so fungoodwonderful

  61. Alexandra says:

    Even though I wasn’t able to make it, I’m sure it was very fun! 😀

  62. my favorite part was when mr doner was dancing and also i like the variety show .

  63. I wish I had went, The show looke like fun!

  64. Christina Julakis says:

    Walsh Roars!! Loved every minute of it!
    Thanks to all who participated. Also, thank you to everyone who came to support the performers. Can’t wait for next year!!

  65. I wish I went it looked fun

  66. Maddy W. says:

    Of course I am going to say this: My hair looks amazing!

  67. nick lords says:

    awesome – wish I was there

  68. Yay:)

  69. Mackenzie says:

    that was so fun i was in the walsh wild cat one 🙂

  70. great job! =)

  71. I had soooo much fun and i can’t wait for next years

  72. It was a lot of fun being in the Variety Show!!! All of the performers were AMAZING, and I had a great time participating. 10/10, will do it again next year!

  73. Damaris Lopez says:

    I went to the variety show that night and it was really fun. the people who were doing it were really good.

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