Kennebunkport, Maine by Richard P.



Kennebunkport, Maine

by Richard P.

I went to  Kennebunkport, Maine  and I stayed at a friend of our family’s house. I went with my Mom, Dad, my brother and our dog. My family wanted to go because we’d never been to that part of Maine. We drove up there in the summertime and stayed a few nights.

The house we stayed at was by lots of shops and to go to the shops you needed to pass over a beam bridge, which was white. By the house there were two museums – there was the Train Museum and the Bush Museum. While I was in Maine I was able to see/visit the George H. W. Bush compound (vacation home of the 41st US President) –  (and by visiting I mean going outside of it and taking photos of it).

Bush Compound


One great meal that I ate in Maine was a lobster. I like the flavor of the lobster and  enjoyed eating it!

I would recommend this place because  there is a lot of stuff to do in Maine like going to the beach, going to museums, pools and shopping. These are just some of the things you can do in Maine. I really liked our trip to Maine and I would recommend it everyone.


Lobster Meal


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