All About Pandas by The Creative ANIMALS!

creative pandas 001Hey Guys!!! This week we are The Creative PANDAS


  • Pandas live in the midst of the forest where there is tons and tons of bamboo

  • The panda is one of the rarest animals in all of the world

  • Pandas eat almost nothing but bamboo and sometimes leaves

  • Pandas eat fast and they eat a lot. They spend at least 12 hours eating every day

  • Pandas’ molars are very flat to help them crush the bamboo in their mouth

  • They grip the bamboo with their paws that have enlarged wrists that act like thumbs

  • The largest pandas grow to be about 250 pounds

  • Pandas’ eyes are like cats they are split



by, Annie and Mollie 


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  1. I love the pictures and the facts are interesting too!

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