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So this week we decided to go undercover to discover the Tale of the Bearded Men!  Perhaps you’ve noticed around school some new facial hair on some of our teachers? Is there a reason for this? We decided to interview three people today about this: Mr. Skelton, Mr. Hansen, and Mrs. Skelton…and even, Mr. Lynch.

The Creative Animals“Why are you growing a beard?”

Mr. Hansen – “Mostly for fun!” He also said that it keeps his face warm!

T.C. A. – Are you doing this for a sport?

Mr. Hanson he said that it had nothing to do with a sport or team.


T.C. A. – Why are you growing a beard?

Mr. Skelton –  He said that it helps both him and Mr. Hansen pass the month of  “Manuary” which is basically another way of saying that they were to lazy to shave. He also said that the beard keeps him warm when shoveling.  He wouldn’t let us show the picture! 🙁

T.C. A.- Are you doing this for a sport?

Mr. Skelton- Mr. Skelton also said that he was not doing it for a team or sport.


Now we’re speaking with Mrs. Skelton about this hairy topic with her husband…..

T.C. A.- Do you support the beard?

Mrs. Skelton – “I support it indirectly. I support my husband, but I DO NOT support the beard.”

T.C. A.- Beard or no beard?

Mrs. SkeltonNO BEARD! (not a big fan of the beard!)

T.C. A.- Do you know the reason behind the beard?

Mrs. Skelton – She thinks its something that Mr. Skelton and Mr. Hansen started after Christmas break when they decided to become lazy and not shave.


Breaking news…!!!!

As updated news comes in to the E-Zine Office, Mr.Lynch has also entered the bearded teacher project around Walsh!  He is also growing a beard, but must keep it trimmed and and clean, for Mrs. Lynch will not have it!  In conclusion Mr. Lynch is in for the growing, but out of the competition.

For Now…

Well guys that was the interview. Comment below on what our next interview should be about and who!


                                                                     The Creative Animals

by Annie and Molly


  1. Annie gabrielly cabral says:

    Mr.Lynch should join!!!!!!!

  2. Nice interview!

  3. This is very funny good job!

  4. Mr. Hansen is my teacher! I think it was very funny when he and Mr. Skelton had beads and mustaches. Now they shaved and we are all very relieved 🙂

  5. they look like cave men

  6. This is really funny, Mr. Hansen at least shaved it after all!

  7. Caroline S. says:

    Now with Mr. Hansen beardless, he looks like a teenager! Not in a bad way! Can’t wait to see this competition next year!


  9. haha! I was wondering about all of the beards!!

  10. These are my favorite teachers! They all look so funny! i really like how you chose to interview Mrs. Skelton too !!

  11. Nice interview! luckily they shaved

  12. oh gosh…

  13. Thankfully, the beard is gone. I think we ALL can breathe a sigh of relief. Did anyone like the beards? Just wondering if anyone thought they looked better with the beards. Also, to be fair to Mr. Skelton, he prefers my hair longer – which I recently cut 🙂

  14. That interview sounded interesting..

  15. Kirandeep Khela says:

    I knew Mr.Lynch didn’t have a beard before!

  16. The beard is taking over them

  17. I love the beard Mr. Hansen!!

  18. Wow nice interview! Really interesting

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