Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Parks Hold Photo Contest in Lit. Lab Class – by Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Stewart held a photo contest in their literature lab classes. The idea originated based on an event that takes place in the book Shooting Kabul. The students were challenged to take pictures of their surrounding representing any of the themes found in the book (Family, Survival, Persistence, Kindness, War and Grief). The winning photo is on display in the Main Office in Walsh. Here are the result from the contests:

1st Place Winner : Helen Scanlon

I took this picture, because it shows the beauty in both light and dark. Light is beautiful. Dark is beautiful. My picture shows how light and dark together are more beautiful than either alone. One person’s beauty is no match when compared to the beauty of all of us. Dark and light are completely different. Their colors are yet beautiful together. We all look different, but yet, we are each still so beautiful. That is why I took this picture; it shows the beauty in difference. Difference is beautiful. Beauty is difference.



2nd Place :Reilly Edelman

Have you ever wondered why the sunset is so beautiful?I am one of those people.The reason is because you are witnessing the beautiful essence of nature.Nature is powerful and can truly make difference.We need beautiful nature like sunsets.Nature is what keeps us alive forever and always.This may not be the photo that wins the contest but I am positive that it is a winning photo.I hope, like I did, that you are kind to every nature good or bad and remember this photo always as

The True Colors of Nature.


3rd Place Winner: Sara Anastasi

I took this photo to represent the theme, grief. Grief is a time to reflect and remember a love that was lost. Fadi experienced grief, in a sense, when he was separated from his sister Mariam. Grief is a healing process. And through grief, one learns to be at peace with their loss. In this photograph, the lighting enhances the stone and the yellow flower symbolizes hope. I thought this made a memorable impact on the photo.




  1. What a great idea! I really appreciate the connection of the photo to the story’s plot in the third photo. Nicely done!
    All photos are beautiful! Nice work!

    • I have also read this book, and i agree. This photo really fits the theme, and it gives me a really good idea for my round in the photo contest.

  2. Mrs. Carney says:

    The photos are wonderful and I love that the students tied the photos to a theme in the book. Very creative and beautiful photos.

  3. beautiful pictures!

  4. Annie gabrielly cabral says:

    these pictures are amazing

  5. great photos

  6. Erick Oliveira says:

    These are some really cool photos.

  7. this pictures are so pretty!

  8. Those pictures are very pretty.

  9. Caroline S. says:

    I have a shoutout to the winner! That paragraph below your picture is so inspirational and very touching! Nice job and congrats to all of the students who took place in this event!

  10. Great Job, and congrats on winning!

  11. very nice pictures and inspirational paragraphs

  12. nice city Mrs. Parks

  13. these pictures are amzing and the words are moving.

  14. Nice pictures

  15. IMO…I think that Sara should have won this competition. The other pictures are pretty, but Sara’s is true beauty and she is very committed to photography.. I think one day she will be professional! great effort Sara!!!!!!!

  16. I really loved all these pictures and how different they all are with their different meanings.. I’m reading Shooting Kabul right now and I”m going to start the contest soon.. these pictures will inspire me when I do my contest! I also loved the meanings especially saras!! Great effort all of you and congrats!

  17. Those are amazing photos! I can never take such great pictures like that. 🙂

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