Game Review – Flappy Birds by Kyle Bonis


The game I am reviewing today is called Flappy Birds.

Flappy Birds is a fun ( very addicting) Game. I recomend this game to anyone. The object of the game is to fly through these huge pipes and try to beat your record each time.

But I am warning you this game is very addicting you won’t be able to put you phone down!  I am 99% sure you will love Flappy Birds.

            By Kyle Bonis



  1. Great work Kyle I’m having fun with this game a lot

  2. i really like the game i play it every day.

  3. This game is super addicting! I always have it on my mind. It’s like a virus in my head because it’s always there….

  4. it is very addicting, also fun but every time it makes me and my friends RAGE QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i like this game but its really annoying.

  6. Thomas O'Neil says:

    I’m bad at it but it’s a good game

  7. I am so bad a this game!

  8. This game is very addictive!

  9. my high score’s 42, whuttt

  10. Nice job. Literally everyone i know is addicted!!! I got it and it’s super fun!

  11. it’s annoying but fun at the same time.

  12. High score 10 >.<

  13. Kirandeep Khela says:

    I just got this game yesterday and I become addicted within the first five minutes!!

  14. this is a fun game

  15. i agree this game is addicting

  16. I also think this game is very addicting!

  17. Very addicted to this game

  18. Flappy bird is so addicting

  19. The Home Depot says:

    Flappy Birds is not a good game in the slightest. I recommend ArmA 3 and ArmA 2 dayz mod. And if you want to play a good free game, get planetside 2

  20. I am at 19 – it’s addicting

  21. I am SO addicted to this game! my high score is 50 and I can’t stop playing it!!!

  22. is very addicting

  23. this game is really addicting but annoying

  24. it is good but the noise is annoying

  25. this game is so fun

  26. this game is the very source of my destruction….

  27. my high score is 2 ^-^

  28. My high score is 45

  29. I love this game. High score 91.

  30. It’s fun but so frustrating

  31. It looks very hard and addicting. I know there were 2 more games made by the same developers

  32. very cool and interesting. I like the pictures

  33. My best is 88 and this game is really fun to play. I only hate the sound when you die

  34. This game is very addicting I can never stop playing it! My highscore is 55 and I can’t get past it and I get angry – hahahahahha!!!

  35. and annoying

  36. Mrs. Reedy says:

    Kyle, I tried this game, and I know what you mean! It reminds me of another game, called Helicopter. Flappy Birds is no longer available to download, so if you don’t have it, you are out of luck. Try Helicopter…same thing. The man who invented Flappy Birds decided to take the app down because he was bothered by how many people have become addicted to it…I think that’s pretty cool…he has a conscience! Besides, shouldn’t you be READING instead of playing addicting games??

  37. My highscore is only 9 and I have had the app for almost 2 months!

  38. Arjun Ramachandrula says:

    I think the reason the developer took this game out of the app store because of the bullying he was receiving due to the amount of people that didn’t succeed in this game.

  39. Robalicious says:

    its a fun game

  40. rishitasarin says:

    I played this game and I think it is addicting yet a little annoying as you have to work really hard to beat your high score!The game is gr8 though! 😀

  41. I hate this game with a burning passion

  42. I play Flappy Doge instead

  43. It is so addicting. I don’t enjoy it very much but I can’t stop playing it.

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