My Dream House at the Beach by Alyssa Tunno

My Dream House at the Beach

by Alyssa Tunno

Many people have an idea of the perfect place for them to live. It could be in the city, the country, by the water or by the mountains. For me, the perfect place to live would be on the beach. My house would be a gray color with a tint of purple. On the back of the house, there would be a large wooden deck overlooking the water, and it would contain a hot tub. My backyard would be all sand and grass, and towards the back of my backyard there would be wooden steps leading down to my private beach area.

    When you first set foot into my dream house, you will see a large open room with wooden floors. To the left side of the room, there would be a large black leather sectional and a leather recliner. On the wall in front of the sectional, there would be a 65” flat screen TV. Behind the living room, there is an open kitchen, with granite countertops that are tinted pink. To the left of the main living room, there would be an office with an Apple computer and an Apple laptop. Instead of regular seating, there would be beanbags called yogibos.

    On the second floor lies the master bedroom, where you would see a king sized bed with a leopard print duvet cover, that’s covering a fluffy duvet blanket. On the wall in front of the bed, there would be a large flatscreen TV. The floor would be covered by black carpeting, and the walls would be a dark purple. In the master bathroom, there would be a large jacuzzi tub, and a golden sink and toilet. The walls would be light green, and on the floors would be peach colored tiles. Next, in the movie theatre, you would see a screen covering the entire back wall of the room. On the left side lies the popcorn, soda, and candy machines, and black memory foam seats fill the middle of the room. Lastly, we have the library. The library connects to the movie theatre and contains all the books you can imagine. In the back of the library lies a fireplace with comfy couches and chairs, blankets, a fireplace, a TV, and your own personal chef.

    Lastly comes the garage. My dream house would have a three car garage, and all three would be connected. Filling up two of the three garages would be a lime green Jeep, and a hot pink Lamborghini. (Both cars would be my favorite colors!) In the third garage, there would be a lounge area with 2 couches and recliner. Also present would be another fireplace and yet another television.  The walls would be a mocha brown, and the floors would be a gray carpet. In conclusion, my dream house would contain all of my favorite things, and look and feel like a dream.


  1. this is a great dream house. nice job alyssa

  2. that’s wonderful!

  3. this sounds really cool!

  4. Awesome!! Sounds pretty luxorious. I’d love to live on the beach as well. One of my questions is, however, what beach would you like to live on specifically? (I’d love to live on the island of Maui in Hawaii) ^-^

  5. I like how you described everything in details of what’s in each bedroom and what kind of furniture it has. Everything that you said about your dream house sounds pretty fantastic and wonderful.

  6. I would love to live at that beach.

  7. I would love to live on this beach <3

  8. Kirandeep Khela says:

    I don’t usually like the beach but I’m pretty sure I would like this house.

  9. this house sounds amazing!!!!! nice job Alyssa!

  10. This house sounds amazing!

  11. Sounds like a nice place to live!

  12. This house sounds really nice!

  13. Your dream house sounds awesome!

  14. I like the cheetah print bed, and the couches. Everything matches really good.

  15. Sounds like an awesome house!

  16. Nice house 🙂

  17. this sounds like an amazing dream house! awesome job!

  18. I wish to have that house and beach

  19. I want to live in that house

  20. it is a nice house and it has a awesome beach and movie theater rooom

  21. andrew wright says:

    cool house/beach

  22. Wow! This dream house is great, I love the movie theater part the best.

  23. sounds like my idea of ab each house and love the pictures.

  24. OK! I officially hate my house now! Your writing is so descriptive!!!!

  25. Astrid Kabongo says:

    I think this might be my new dream house

  26. Looks like a great place to live.

  27. alanis gomez says:

    The beach is a good place to live because it reminds me of Puerto Rico and when I went to Puerto Rico I thought the beach was beautiful.

  28. Wow! This would be such a cool place to live! I’ve always wanted to live by the beach… maybe because I love swimming, but I find he beach at night incredibly relaxing. Listening to the waves is very peaceful.

  29. Really cool house

  30. I want to live there!

  31. lily fairneny says:

    I want to live there

  32. Alyssa I am so impressed that your dream house would have a great library that contains all the books that you can imagine…bravo!

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