“Some people are worth melting for.” – by Anna Bertolino and Isabella Correa

Annaolaf2 001elsa 001 olaf 001

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  1. Ms. Anderson says:

    so adorable, Anna!
    You captured Olaf perfectly…and I love that quote!

  2. that is my favorite quote! I <3 olaf!

  3. Nice drawing you got there

  4. love olaf best snowman ever

  5. wow these pictures are really good and look exactly like the people from frozen

  6. fred preval says:

    these pictures are really good

  7. thats soo cute

  8. Kaleigh Mascioli says:

    Wow! Those are amazing!!

  9. thoes are really good

  10. awesome drawing

  11. nice drawings

  12. those are some amazing drawings. good job.

  13. jason andrew says:

    nice drawings

  14. these drawings are really good!!

  15. nice drawing of olaf

  16. Nice drawings! they are really good

  17. nice drawing!

  18. Kathleen Mustache person says:

    YES ANNA LIVE ON YOU SNOWMAN <3 -Mustache Kathleen

  19. Kathleen Mustache person says:

    p.s I luv it and =)

  20. Annie(Gaby) says:

    Those are really good drawings girls!!!

  21. redstonegaminggirl(Anna) says:

    nice job isabella and YES we are the mustache ppl of da world

  22. olaflover101 says:

    olaf rocks those drawings are awesome! OLAF IS AWESOME:)

  23. mustach of da world! says:

    We are da mustache ppl of da world because mustaches of the world is us!

  24. Ben Wolpert says:


  25. These look amazing, just like in the movie!

  26. That’s really good!

  27. OLAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Britney Rivera says:

    I love Frozen!

  29. Olaf is my boyfriend!

  30. Hi,and I REALLY LOVE olaf! The quiz said I was olaf!

  31. such good drawings

  32. Ashley Sok says:

    I love Olaf <3 … This drawing is so cute!!!

  33. These look amazing!

  34. Wow! Those drawings are so good. I love that quote!

  35. Wow! love the drawing Anna! Good job!

  36. Alexis Stournaras says:

    This is so pretty! You guys did an amazing job:)

  37. These are really good

  38. Yonatan Nachum says:

    next do the Summer song by olaf

  39. Madelyn Rose says:

    Those drawings are amazing!

  40. Those drawings are so cool! The Olaf looks so realistic! Good job

  41. ANNA & ISABELLA you are talented artists – bravo!

  42. Mrs. Leichter says:

    Your artwork is beautiful. I’d love to have the ability to draw.

  43. Great pics!

  44. Ms. Dykeman says:

    That quote is amazing and so are those pictures! Well Done!

  45. OMG i LOVE these drawing so pretty

  46. frozen 🙂

  47. Frozen is the first movie that doesn’t have to do with a princess chasing a prince.

  48. lily fairneny says:

    these are so good! 😀

  49. Really nice drawings

  50. wow your drawings are awesome

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