Dangerous Spells by Henry W.

!!!!Dangerous Spells!!!

by Henry W.

Rakoray, snagliglox, gandoo, dipso dumdumese!

Callaif, turrent rapan! Gatwhy retilioz!

Summons a Dipsy Dumdum from the Dumdum dimension.

Zoiliter yhwtag! Napar tnerrut, faillac! Esemudmud ospid, oodnag, xolgilgans, yarokar!

Returns a Dipsy Dumdum to the Dumdum dimension.

-Dipsy Dumdums: male time-traveling pixies with senses that react in the opposite of the expected way. They have permanent pink butterfly face paint, black hair, black little shoes, and black shirts, black pants, and black socks.

Definitely do not say this next spell out loud!

Pody, quody, rody, sody, qraah!

This spell is the time-lapse-reverse spell, which does exactly what it sounds like it does- except it affects whoever says it too. 


  1. Claire Nelson-Peterman says:

    This is funny! 😀

  2. Great story! I want MOREEEEEEEEEEEE!

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