Camping in Shenandoah National Park by Caroline W.

Camping in Shenandoah National Park

by Caroline W.

I traveled with my family to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. We tent-camped at one of the four campgrounds in the park. It was part of a trip that we took to Washington D.C., and Williamsburg in Virginia. Camping in this park was my favorite part of the trip. We went there during the summer by car. It would have been a twelve hour car ride if we did not stop along the way in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and another place in Virginia. The most we drove in the car during this trip in one day was eight hours. We stayed at this campground for four nights. The whole trip was ten nights in total.

The park is in the mountains. Our campsite was right off the Appalachian Trail which goes from Maine to Georgia and is the longest hiking trail in the world. People who had been walking since they started in Maine, came to our campsite asking for food or where certain things were in the campground. The campground was full of deer. Everywhere we looked, all the time, there was a deer. I am not over-exaggerating! If you just walked down the road you would see ten different deer. There were baby deer and adult deer. They were not scared of us. We could get as close as we wanted to them and they would not run away. We were not allowed to touch them though. There were also a lot of bears. We saw a adult bear the first day and a baby bear the third day we were there. It was right near our campsite on the Appalachian Trail. We heard some people saying that there was a bear right there. We went closer to those people and there it was. It was poking its head out of some tall grass. It was very cute.  It rained a lot when we were camping. Also there were some mosquitoes and there were a lot of Daddy-Long-Legs crawling around.

To go on this trip you would definitely need normal camping equipment like a tent. You would need bug spray and a rain coat. Also, something that you might not think of, you would need a bear-proof cooler to store food! If bears find food in a campsite they will keep coming back wanting more and people will have to relocate them. It can be dangerous to do that so it is important to make sure no bears can get to your food. I would definitely recommend this trip to people who can camp and know how to keep safe from bears.

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  1. What a wonderful trip for you and your family, Caroline! (Although, waking up to bears in the campsite might be more than a bit scary!)
    I grew up camping with my parents and family for many years and grew to really love and appreciate the natural world. It is so beautiful and there are so many amazing places to visit and see. The natural wonders of the planet Earth are definitely worth seeing and appreciating!!
    Have a great Summer, Caroline! Can’t wait to hear about your Summer adventures!

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