Squiggle Art and Stories – Ms. Wang’s Mandarin 8th grade Class

Squiggle Art and Stories

by Ms. Wang’s 8th grade Mandarin Class  

Students in the 8th grade Mandarin class created a drawing from a “squiggle line/s” then made up a story to go with their creation. After three years of learning Mandarin, Walsh 8th graders are getting quite good at writing their Chinese characters, don’t you think?!

Great artwork and writing creativity, 8th graders!!

“It is a huge water slide. It goes up and down in the water. It is so fun, do you want to try?” Emily

 “…a fun colored centipede in the air. Almost got attacked by a bird…” Max


“…a fire breathing dragon enjoys flying in the sky.” Cody

“…a fat duck is lost in the frost, but he finally finds his way home.” Daniel

“While working with Santa one of the elves lost it’s shoe. It’s very tiny…There is a $500 reward if you find it and return it to Santa!” Mei



  1. E-Zine Editors says:

    These are all great, you guys!!! Love your “squiggle” artwork, then the stories that you created, and your Chinese character writings!! Very cool!!!

  2. Claire Nelson-Peterman says:

    squiggles :3

  3. Claire Nelson-Peterman says:


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