What Would Happen if the Sun Disappeared? by Sonali A.

What Would Happen if the Sun Disappeared?

by Sonali A.

You could say that the Sun can not disappear because matter can not be created nor destroyed so it does not matter, but what if it did disappear? At the exact time that the Sun just disappears, nothing would happen to Earth. Right now, it takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to us, so for about 8 minutes after it goes away, everything will be fine. After 8 minutes and 20 seconds, the Earth would just keep on going in the straight line from where it was in the orbit of the Sun. People on Earth can see that other planets like Jupiter and Saturn still have light and the Gravitational pull that we do not have. Because the Sun was our only natural sunlight, the Earth would have to get natural sunlight from anything and everything in the Universe. People will be able to see a little into the sky, but it would be night everywhere. Man made lights and other things will be usable for more time afterward, but will eventually end. The Earth might end in darkness.


  1. Zachary Austrager says:

    I love this topic!

  2. Did you know that Jupiter was going to be our second sun?

  3. What would happen to the other planets in our solar system? How would our sun disappearing affect other solar systems?

    • Other planets in our solar system are farther from the sun than us and will still be in orbit for more time, but will also continue on a straight line from the point they have no sun light or gravitational pull. The same thing happens to the planets closer to the sun, but is faster.
      The planets that are released from the sun can collide with other galaxies.

  4. Thomason Carson says:

    Cool, but what about our natural heat? Won’t we freeze?

    • The top of all the oceans will freeze, but it will take long for the inside to freeze. There will be ice droplets on all of the plants, but most of them will die of the cold. Humans will have heat for a sustainable amount of time, but after that, we will need to find a new star.

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