Lost In the Universe



Acknowledgements: The acknowledgements for the book will be released soon. Hope you like the book! -Z.A.A



In 1975, The Apollo mission was going to lift off its last rocket.

“I’m ready” said Dr. Harold Goldsmith. Who was about to go into outer space for Apollo 15. This mission unknown to everyone would mark the end of the US’s space program for a while.

“5…4…3…2…1… blastoff!” Cried the mission controller and the rocket was blasted off into space. “Wooohooo!” Yelped the astronaut. Finally everything calmed down as the rocket left the Earth’s orbit. Then suddenly alarms went off.

“Warning. Navigation System Damaged” Said the rocket’s computer. One of the rocket’s wires zapped the navigation system shutting it down. “No!!” Cried Dr. Goldsmith. And before you know it. Mission Control lost him and the rocket. Apparently, he left the solar system. No live pings found him. The government covered it up saying the Doctor returned with severe mental injuries and the rocket was destroyed. The program was shut down before you could say macaroni. No one ever talks about the lost Apollo 15. Until…


Chapter 1


In the year 2217 The Earth has changed a lot since the disappearance of Dr. Goldsmith. NASA and other space agencies have merged to form the Worldwide Space Exploration Program. The WSEP has decided to create a space colony on Mars. To begin our exploration. If all goes to plan. The human species will colonize more planets. Back on Earth…

“I can’t believe it! Announced Logan Williston who happened to be part of a family selected to go to Mars. He and his brother William are going to be two of the 200 kids going to Mars, so they were a “special family.”

“Who cares?” said William.

“You know, even though we are going to Mars, something COULD happen.” Said the father who would be one of the doctors for the colony.

Unbeknownst to the entire family. The two brothers would experience something that will change their lives forever.

Chapter 2


Now, The rocket that the Willistons will be travelling in is the fastest rocket ever. The Moonshine Dragon 19 is going on it’s maiden flight. The WSEP has spent 20 years designing and constructing the rocket. There were going to be about 5,000 people in the colony, By the end of PHASE I. The master plan is to put 200,000 people on Mars.

“How the heck was this rocket built?” asked William as they entered the rocket.

“Who knows, maybe they got a million people to build it in secret, replied Logan.

They arrived at their cabin on the ship. There were 4 people in the Williston Family. Their mom, their dad, William and Logan . Logan was older than William by 3 hours. If we forgot to tell you. They’re twins.

“Attention everyone, We will begin the flight in 14 mins thank you.” Said the rocket’s intercom system. They couldn’t wait to arrive on Mars. But they wouldn’t get there for a long, long  time.


Chapter 3


“Blastoff!” Yelled the mission control responder and off they went. They left Earth.

“WOOOOO HOOOOO!” Yelled Logan . Then everyone started floating. As they were now in zero gravity. They were scheduled to arrive on Mars in a month. But they would never make it.

But of course, they didn’t know that. So while on the rocket, they ALWAYS stared outside at the beautiful galaxy.

About 2 weeks into the trip, There was a regular alarm check. Nothing too major. Until.

“AAAAAAAA!” Yelped William loud enough for others to hear.

“Everyone get to the escape pods!” Said the crew. Apparently, the oxygen systems failed so they needed every out of the rocket until the situation got controlled. The Williston boys entered escape pod 04. But due to some extreme bad luck or possible butter hands. William accidentally pushed the EJECT switch so the pod was ejected into deep space.

“NOOOOO!” Cried Logan until they couldn’t see the spaceship anymore. All was lost until…


Chapter 4

Lost, That’s all Logan could think of. It’s been 10 hours since they ejected and are surviving off of canned meat in the pod. They HATE canned foods. Because it wasn’t fresh. But it was the only way to survive. Logan and William tried to reboot the communication system. But didn’t work. They knew that they would die alone.

“Logan?” Asked William,

“Yeah?” Replied Logan.

“What…?” William asked in awe.

“OH MY GOSH!” Logan yelled as they saw an alien spaceship something no one from their species have ever seen. “Do you see that?!”


Suddenly the radio came to life.

“Greetings humans!” Replied the alien. “Do you need any help?” The twins were pretty sure the aliens were going to eat them.

“How would we know you wouldn’t eat us?” Asked William. He knew from watching plenty of alien movies. That they would either eat them or imprison them.

“Why in the cosmos would we eat nice people? We only eat specific plants.” Replied the creatures.

“Ok” Said Logan and they were zapped into the spaceship. And what they saw when they entered blew their minds.


Chapter 5


What they saw was a red creature that resembled a human with pointy triangle ears and a tie.

“Greetings.” Said the creature. “Must we introduce ourselves. I am Sam. We are Marshios.”

“What?!” They said together. “Marshios? Like from Mars?”

“No like from the planet Marshia.” Said Sam, “And boy are you lucky we found you. Because if we didn’t, You’d never be found.”

“So, Where are we going to go?” Asked Logan He didn’t know what could happen to them. They were blasted off into space, ejected from their rocket, and now found by aliens.

“Where else? Our homeworld!” Said Sam with excitement. They could tell how happy Sam was by his emotions.

“So, do you have advanced tech?” Asked William, He was amazed and wanted to know everything about the species. He knew that aliens have more advanced technology than humans.

“Yes, And our tech is so advanced we have people on many planets. Your solar system couldn’t been colonized due to your species.”

“Why?” Asked Logan wondering why aliens can’t come to Earth.

“Because your species think of aliens as evil.” Replied Sam, “We sent an explorer to give us Data about Earth, Captured and died in a lab. So all colonization efforts have been halted until further notice.”

“Well, We have no place to go to,” said William.

Back on the Ship, It turned out that the pod that the twins went through was defective. Everyone was evacuated back to Earth. No one would know where they went and what they saw.


Chapter 6

The Marshio’s homeworld was crazy beautiful. Parks everywhere. The skyscrapers were eco-friendly.  Apparently if there was pollution that you caused, you would be in jail for 200 years.

“Wow!” Said William and Logan in awe as the ship landed on the spaceport.

“I know right?” Said Sam, “Everyone helps each other and no one gets mad at each other. Here, ANYTHING could happen”

“So where will we be staying?” Asked Logan They were exhausted and really needed some sleep as they haven’t slept in over 20 hours.

“Over there.” Sam pointed to a 89 floor high hotel. They passed out as soon as they got in bed.

While Logan and William were sleeping, Sam was discussing business with someone in a mask on a holo computer.

“So… Are they human?” Asked the masked figure on the screen.

“Yes. They are so nice. Should we tell them about HIM? They might want to hear about it.”

“No. We’ll keep things the way they are. Remember don’t bring them to the coma center.”



“Yes sir.”

“Good. And make sure they can’t get back home.”


Chapter 7


“Good morning, William.” Said Logan with a yawn. He was fresh and energetic and ready.

“At least we slept,” Said William putting on his glasses.

“Rise and shine everybody!” Said Sam with energy. He always seemed to be happy when they were around. Maybe it’s because they were there. After all, It’s not every day they see humans.

“Are we going to attempt to get home?” Asked Logan. Even though he and his brother were on a journey of a lifetime. They wanted to get home before their parents die of grief.

“Not quite but I think you will like to meet my cousins who have decided to help.” Sam said as he was helping them with clothes.

They didn’t know it. But they were about to meet the three cousins bringing them home. Or at least, to try.


Chapter 8

“Hello Everyone!” Said a Marshio. “Must we introduce ourselves. I am Elliot. Over there is Ella my sister, and my brother Mason, We are the E & M crew!”

“ E & M? That’ll be the day.” Said William as they walked into the store.

“My cousins are brilliant. Top of their class. If anyone is bringing you home. It’s them.” Said Sam with joy.

“Well, ok then,” Said Logan. “Have you built any interplanetary teleportation device?”

“Yep,” Said Ella. “We are going to do a test once the components are complete. We are adding some extra things to make it a bit better for the physical body.”

“Makes sense.” Said William. “You don’t want to get teleported and realize your body didn’t make it.”

“That’s correct.” Said Mason. “One time we used our father as a test subject. The next day, His eyeballs were in his lungs. It did not end well.”

“Well let’s start working. The sooner we can get home. The better.”


Chapter 9


For a week, They kept working on the machine. The aliens began to ask more about Earth. And the twins happily told them everything they knew.

“Finally, The machine is complete!” Said Elliot with joy.

“Yeah!” Said Logan & William happily. “It’s almost time!” We can’t wait to see our parents and friends!”

Sam wasn’t with them. He said he was sick. But everyone didn’t believe them. In case I didn’t tell. They were all 12 year olds. And, Elliot, Ella , and Mason were triplets.

“Logan, William…” Said Mason. He needed to tell them something that they needed to tell them about.

“Yes?” Said Logan.

“We need to tell you something.” Whispered Ella softly. It appeared to be that whenever they got scared. They would whisper.

“Our cousin Sam… IS WORKING TO TAKE OVER YOUR SPECIES!” Yelled Elliot who got hushed by Mason

“What do you mean?” Said William with fear.

“Our cousin is working with someone who found a human.” Said Ella.

“What human?” Said the twins.

“Dr. Harold Goldsmith.” Said Elliot, Ella, and Mason together.

“WHAT?! I thought he died after the rocket crashed in the ocean.” They were so surprised. They almost forgot to breathe.

“Yep. They found him in a coma. So someone kidnapped him and placed him within the ‘Coma Center’ Now they’re going to try to take over the Earth!”

“Let’s stop them!” said the Twins and they better get ready because something will happen that could scar their lives forever.


Chapter 10


“It’s ready.” Said Logan. They just completed the machine bringing them home. They worked double to complete the machine.

“I hope your home planet will be spared.” Said Mason. Even through the Marshios didn’t know a lot about Earth. They wanted to make sure their friends’ world would be saved from Sam and the “Human Kidnapper.”

Elliot was the one who pushed the ACTIVATE button for the teleporter. And the laser beamers shot straight into the middle creating a controlled black hole. Even the triplets weren’t sure if it would work correctly.

“Let’s save our planet!” William cried out happily.

“I don’t think so. You may have made it this far. But you still have to get through me first.” Said a serious voice out of nowhere.

“Who are you?” Asked Ella nervously.

“You know who I am.”


Chapter 11


Suddenly A marshio came out from the darkness.

“Time for your doom. My name is Dr. Toby. Honestly, I am surprised you have made it this far. Even with the triplets’ minds. You won’t make it.”

Then Sam appeared.

“Sam! Why are you doing this? We thought you were our friend.”  Said Logan. He was heartbroken that his friend betrayed them.

“Because, I learned something. The only way to get things done is to destroy or conquer. So Dr. Toby offered me $20 million if I help him with his ‘business’ about Earth.”

“Yes, Soon we will arrive at Earth and make humans our slaves. Nothing can stop us from destroying your species.”

Then they zapped away.

“Attention. Black hole ready. Please comply for interplanetary coordinates.” Said the computer system.  

“I am so nervous.” Said Elliot. Even the leader of the triplets was experiencing intense fear.

“Are we ready to go to Earth?” Asked William with worried eyes. He couldn’t imagine what could be going on in the humans. Wait let’s get one person…


Back at Earth…


“Warning! Aliens imminent. Please prepare!” Said the NASA detection system.

“EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!” Shouted F.B.I agents. Everyone on Earth unless you were in the Amazon rainforest knew that aliens were coming.

“Do you think our kids are going to be ok?” Asked Mr. Williston in fear.

“Sooner or later my friend. Sooner or later.”


Chapter 12


At the Tobias Coma Center…

“How lucky were we that we got into the coma center? Now let’s see, Dr. Goldsmith is in Room 2312.” Said Mason.

Then they all entered Room 2312. And they saw a scientist in a bed asleep.

“This better work.” Said Logan and he used an electroid to awaken him.

“Uh… What happened? Who am I? Wait a sec. Am I alive?” Asked Dr. Goldsmith the second he woke up. Everyone was thrilled to see him alive.

“Yes you’re alive!” Said Ella with tremendous joy

“You’re in the year 2217 and an alien is about to take over the Earth!”

“How does he even know about Earth?” Said Dr. Goldsmith with confusion. “I thought I killed the alien.”

“Nope…” said William. “He’s alive and going to destroy the Earth.”

“Let’s stop him!” Said Elliot.

“Let’s get back to the lab!” Exclaimed Logan.


Back At the E&M lab…


“Good. The machine is all powered up and ready to go to Earth.” Said Logan as he checked the systems.

“Ready?” Said William

“Yep.” Everyone replied. Dr. Goldsmith was ready to return home thus as they walked through the gate. The doctor would see the Earth in the first time in 147 years since the fatal mission in 1975 that left his planet doomed.


Chapter 13

“Whoa!!” Said everyone as they walked through the portal onto Earth.

“So sad. Why do these people deserve to be slaves?” Asked Ella as they saw the Marshios capturing them.

“They are so innocent. So let’s stop them!” Said Logan.

“I’m just going to find my wife’s grave. There’s so much I need to do. Since I departed for that horrific mission in 1975.” Said Dr. Goldsmith

“Kids! Thank goodness you’re ok where have you been and these aliens you were talking to are evil!” Screamed Mrs. Williston as she and her husband came running to their children.

“No time to explain. We have to stop Dr. Toby from taking over!” Said William who was hugging his parents so intensely.

What do you mean…?” Asked Mr. Williston until they both collapsed on the floor from an electrode zapper held by Sam.

“It’s too late. It’s time to say good bye,” Said Sam as he was walking to him.

It happened to be that behind him. In handcuffs, was the President of the United COUNTRIES of Earth. Ms. Wisai-Qued.

“Run for your lives! Before it’s too late!” Said Ms. Wisai-Qued. If anyone didn’t obey the orders given by her. You might as well kill yourself.

“There’s nowhere to run.” Said Dr. Toby as he exited a spaceship and zapped her unconscious . “Surrender or Die. There’s really no other option. But if you want you could join me.”


Chapter 14


“What…?” Said Mason in surprise to what Dr. Toby just said. No one knew why he wanted them to join him.

“I know just what to do.” Said Logan will a smile as he came up to the doctor.

“And what’s that?” Said Dr. Toby with a greedy smile. What he didn’t know what could happen is…

Logan punched him. Straight in the face.

“OW!!!! ATTACK NOW!!” Yelled Dr. Toby in pain.

Then, all of the free humans were about to fight the Marshios when…

We’re not going to do a commentary on the battle so here are the facts in Chapter 14 “A”


Beginning of Chapter 14 “A”…


Here are the facts.

A massive battle happened at the footsteps of the White house in Washington D.C In the U.S.A.

About 1500 Marshios were killed in the battle.

About 500 humans were killed in the battle.

Elliot, Ella, Mason, Logan, and William were all commanders for the human army while Sam and Dr. Toby were the commanders for the marshio army.

Dr. Toby was severely injured after someone zapped him on the leg.

The Earth government failed during this time.

Now, back to the Chapter.

End of Chapter 14 “A”


“ Ow…” Said William as Elliot was healing the zap that Sam fired at him.

“No one shall ever stop us! HAHAHAHAHA!” Said Sam evilly. Right before a Elity Lizard bit him on the leg.

“Everyone get away!” Yelled Ella.

“Why?” Asked the twins.

“Because, That lizard is from our homeworld. If you get bitten by it you will die within 5 minutes. So you might as well say good bye to everyone.”

“HAHA!  You’re so funny! You think that this so called ‘monster’ is going to…” Sam said laughing so hard when he suddenly when wide eyed and collapsed onto the ground. Apparently Sam died just within 1 ½ minutes after getting bitten by the lizard.

“YAY!” We’re saved! Let’s celebrate!” Cried out Logan with joy.

“I don’t think so…”


Chapter 15


On the ground, they saw Dr. Toby barely army crawling to them.

“You think this is over? All you did was kill my sidekick. Prepare to die.” He aimed his laser at him when he saw the lizard above him.

“Get away!” Yelled Elliot as they ran to a safe distance.

“HA!” This is my pet. He wouldn’t kill anyone unless I ordered him to kill.”

“Wait. So you killed Sam?”

“No. Sam might have almost walked on him so he might’ve bitten him for that. You will never ever…” Dr. Toby said but trailed off after he felt something painful in his arm.

Dr. Toby’s pet bit him on the elbow. Apparently the lizard betrayed his own master. So it killed him with ease and with no regrets.

“HA… I will always…survive…” Gasped Dr. Toby. They realized that after he stopped talking his limbs ceased to move. The doctor was gone forever. Never to return to destroy anyone again.

“Now we can celebrate right?” Asked William.

“Yes it is finally time.” Said Dr. Goldsmith as he was walking to Dr. Toby’s body.

“Then let’s… celebrate!!” Said everyone as everyone started dancing around where Sam and Dr. Toby once were.


Epilogue Part 1

That’s basically the end of the story. No more official chapters. After Dr. Toby and Sam’s deaths, their bodies would be burned in a huge bonfire. The celebration lasted 10 days. Thus the celebration became known as Reunion week and would happen every year forever.  The elity lizard’s blood could be  a cure for some ‘incurable’ diseases. Weeks went from 7 days to 10 days. Both species signed a peace contract stating that one species can not imprison the other or (discriminate or etc).

The twins were reunited with their parents after being separated from 20 light-years for only 3 days. The WSEP was shut down after people found out that the rocket oxygen system disaster was actually a fake to scare people into following their orders. So naturally it was shut down and all of the rockets were sold to the government.   Both species created a mega-government which would lead them to expand colonization in the galaxy.  Logan and William learned that the aliens didn’t know english that well. The E & M siblings only knew so well because Sam taught them. But because Sam was not with them anymore. So as they grew older, They opened a English school for aliens and non-english speakers. All of the kids opened up a junior peace committee for the Earth-Marsfield Government so kids would have a voice in the political world.

So that’s pretty much the end of the story. All of the questions you have from here on out probably have long answers.  Here is one last mini-chapter that would have been Chapter 16 but was cut before it had the chance. Now here it is.

The final chapter of the book

Lost In Space/the Universe

by Z.A.A.

Thank You. -Z.A.A. Author and student at Walsh Middle School.


Epilogue Part 2

“Chapter 16”

“Good morning, William,” Said Logan with a huge yawn. It’s been around 3 years since the Battle On Earth.

“Good Morning Logan” Replied William. He had the best sleep in 3 ¼ years.

“Who’s ready for some awesome pancakes!” Yelled his father from the kitchen. The twins LOVED their Dad’s signature pancakes. Every time they have it, They always manage to eat the whole thing.

“Are Elliot, Mason, and Ella here yet?” Asked Logan.

“No. Ella called saying that they just got in their flying car. They should be here in about 5 minutes.” Said Mrs. Williston.

“Can we go outside?” Asked William. He loves being outside when it’s nice and warm.


So they went outside into the park where they saw happiness all over. They saw Humans and marshios together in harmony.

“Hey Guys!” Said Elliot as he and his siblings were walking up to them.

“Such a beautiful day. Isn’t it?” Said Logan as he sat down on one of the memorial benches honored to the battle of Earth.

“Yes it is.” Said Ella as they walked, as they walked on the sunrise side.

“Do you think things will be the same since the battle?”

“Nope.” Said Mason calmly.

“Well let’s start our new lives that we will live forever and live them the most.” Said William happily.

And so all of them. Logan, William, Elliot, Ella, and Mason walked into the sunrise and they would all live kindly and wisely for the rest of their lives.



The End.


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