Released into Freedom By: Z.A.A

Released into Freedom

By: Z.A.A

Prologue (narrator)

In the year 2493, The Earth is the center of a massive intergalactic government. Centuries after the Human-Marshio war. But that doesn’t mean that everyone on Earth has freedom. Located hundreds of miles from really anywhere in Siberia lies a city. The city’s perimeter unlike most cities is a massive 30-foot high circular wall with electric fences that traps the city from the outside world. The city is the last remnants of a once massive empire. The Hiddenfield Empire. Or known as, “The Dark Empire.” The empire captured 2,000 people and hid them within the city about 238 years ago. But now I will introduce you to the tale of the now 12,382 people and how they were able to find freedom and share their story to the universe.

Chapter 1

“All citizens must wake up and report to the Common.” The loudspeaker said all over the city. It was 8 AM.

“Why can’t we just sleep in for once?” Asked a kid as he was waking up and calming down from the loudspeaker’s announcement.

“C’mon Nate.” Said another kid. A girl. “We have to get to the Common before we get into trouble again.”

So Nate got out of bed put on his clothes and started to walk to the common.

“Man, Someday I want to get out of this place,” commented Nate. “Don’t you want to get out of here Julia?”

“Yeah. But we can’t. The last time someone tried to get out. He was found by the guards and sent to the frozen room where he perished as a  result.”

“But how about this. What if we try to see what’s even in the outside world? Just a glimpse is all we need. We have been stuck in this camp for all of our lives so if we see the outside, Maybe we can get out.”

“Stop talking!” Julia hissed at him nervously.

“Why…?” Asked Nate when the morning news began. Everyone knew they had to get out. One way or another.


Chapter 2

Then, The emperor of the empire walked out of the Common castle. He was short. A dwarf. But he has the power to make everyone his own servant.

“OK EVERYONE. Onto business.” The emperor yelled. If you didn’t respect him. You would be sent to the frozen room. Which is a room with very little air and the temperature is around -36*F. Which can terminate someone within 15 minutes.

“I hate this guy,” whispered Nate. ”Wait a sec. Look!”

Julia looked at one of the guard’s keys. “I think that’s the computer override key.”

“Which can override the gov’s mainframe which can give us access to the outside world!” Exclaimed Nate.

“SHHH!….,.” shushed their mother. “Do you want to get caught?”

“No Mom.”

“Then don’t talk loudly. If you do we’ll be sent to the frozen room.”

“THAT’S IT. LET’S TAKE THAT KEY,” whispered Nate loudly. So he carefully crept over to the guard and used one of the eye bots that he invented to make the guard collapse of fear. It was finally their time to shine and get out of the city before it’s too late.


Chapter 3

The city. Known just as the “City of Doom” to the citizens was secretly covered by a climate control machine which made the city’s regular temperature around 87*F . Whenever the people of the city misbehaved. The machine was turned off so it can get to Siberia’s actual normal temp. 19*F. People thought there would be global warming. But there is a mini Ice Age going on.

“Are we ready?” Asked Nate. He has been waiting his whole life to get a glimpse of the outside world.

Then he turned the USB. Beep.Beep Beep. The machine beeped. “ACCESS DENIED.” Said the computer. It was common for the computers to bug. As they are being watched by the gov every second of the day.

“Uh. Let’s find him.” Said Julia with sadness. “He’s the only person who might be able to log us in.”

“Fine.” said Nate. Together they began walking as the sun begins to set over the walled city that still remains in the Dark Empire.

To be continued…….

Author’s Note: I would like to dedicate this section to E.W.S. Who is the author of Lost City of the Dinosaurs and of another sequel which is beginning to be written and the best best friend I can have. Also I would also like to point out that my first book. Lost In the Universe is completed and I am looking for people to do the quiz. Here is the Link to the Book.

Also, I would like to give the link to E.W.S’s book Here is the link to the Lost City of the Dinosaur.

Thank you for everyone who is reading this new book. -Z.A.A. Author of Lost In the Universe, The Morning, and Released into Freedom.


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    This is a good book… keep up the good work.

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