WALSH ROCKS! with Mrs. Wang’s Mandarin Classes


with Mrs. Wang’s Mandarin Classes

Mrs. Wang’s Mandarin classes recently had an opportunity to select a favorite word or expression and perfect their Chinese character writing using a painted rock as their “canvas!” Check out some of their wonderful and colorful work – “blessings,” “courage,” “love and family,” are just some of the expressions that they wrote on their rocks. Some of the students gave their  rock creation away to someone special, others are holding onto theirs for their own special memories.

Keep up the good work!  加油(jiā yóu)!


  1. E-Zine Editors says:

    LOVE these, you guys!!!
    What a great idea!!!
    I’d love to see more and spread them around school – inside and out!!!

  2. Teach me some Manderin

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