Released into Freedom – continued… by Z.A.A.

Released into Freedom – continued

by Z.A.A.

Please know that only the main characters and some other citizens escape the city to go to the outside world. Also, All projects relating to E.W.S and Z.A.A’s collaboration sequel has been cancelled. Thank You. -Z.A.A


Chapter 4

After walking to the complete opposite side of the city, they made it, to their friend’s house. A human-marshio hybrid. Named Elliot.  Supposedly he was named after his great-great-great-great-great grandfather who was one of the commanders for the human-marshio war. Now, He shares a technological fascination similar to his ancestor.

“Hey Elliot!” Julia said as they walked into the house. Julia and Nate and Elliot and his sister Kayla have known each other since they were born.

“It’ s nice to see you. Now, Why have you come when it is almost sunset? You know that everyone must be in their homes by 9PM.” Elliot said with worry.

“Relax. We’re only here because we stole a gov USB flash drive from a guard. But we can’t get in. Is there any way YOU can get us in?” asked Nate.

“Ok. Hmmm…” Elliot looked as he scanned the USB drive with a decryptor. “Found It! Looks like it contains…” He trailed off with a surprising look on his face. Like something amazing has just happened.

“Um… are you ok?” Asked Julia. She always wanted to make sure everyone is ok. Even the emperor.

“OMG. He found the access code for the North Gate and a possible escape route to the city of “New L.A !!” Yelped Kayla with excitement. ]

“Attention. Everyone must be in their homes in 25 minutes, or they will be sent to Johanan Detention Facility.” Announced the loudspeaker.

“Ok. Meet us by the north gate viewing area tomorrow at 11AM sharp.” Said Nate with urgency to get home before the 25 minutes are up.

“Ok. See you then.”

(If I forgot to mention to you, there is no education/school in the City of Doom.)

Chapter 5

They got to the north gate a half hour early. All of the gates are secured by the government so no one can get out. But you are able to see the gates. From 200 feet away.

“Good. You’re here!” Said Nate with joy. He loved seeing his friends as it’s the only happy thing in their lives. “Do you think you can “do it?” (breaking into the security network to open the gates.) He really wanted to get out.

“I think I have the perfect distraction.” Said Kayla looking evilly like she was to take over the city herself.

“What’s the distraction? Let’s HOPE it’s a good one. The last time someone…” Nate said before getting interrupted by Ella.

“We all know ‘he/she gets caught and perishes after being sent to the frozen room.’ It’s just what happens in all of the stories.” Said Ella.

“Now here’s the plan. We get 100 maybe 200 to protest at the north gate. Causing commotion. Then we’ll slip by the guards and enter the access code into the “gate transmitter and get as many people to get out then we’ll run as fast as we can until we shake off the guards. I know it sound risky. But if we don’t do it now. What’s the point of doing it when security goes up during ‘Founding Week’?” said Kayla with worry.

Founding Week is the week when the empire “celebrates” the founding of the city. People have tried to protest but that would get them kicked into the frozen room for just 4 minutes if you’re lucky.

“Ok. The plan is good. What should we tell everyone?” Asked Elliot. You never want to keep him out of a conversation related to escaping or technology. That’s just pointless.

“We’ll tell the most secretive and most gov haters to come. We’ll tell everyone to come to the North Gate tomorrow at 9:30 AM and we’ll start at 10. Does that sound good? Remember, it’s now or never.” Said Nate sounding grim and with deep seriousness.

“I agree.” Ella said.

“I think we should do it,” Elliot said while checking the flash drive.

“I agree to everything to get out.” Said Kayla with worry.

“Ok. See you tomorrow at 9AM sharp.”


Please know that this section has only one chapter because Z.A.A likes to do cliffhangers and ask the reader what’s going on? Also, A survey will be launched in about a week. Thank you.        -Z.A.A

Chapter 6

The Escape

“Are you ready?” Asked Nate with fear. They just got the people ready they were to go when they say, “Ready for what?” Now, after 10 hours of planning, they were ready, to escape the empire’s shield and go out into the open.

“Yes we’re ready. Remember it’s all or nothing.” Said Elliot. “I know my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather would always have wanted freedom so let’s do it.” Elliot said. “CHARGE!”

At that exact moment, 300 people charged at the gate and the gate opened with ease releasing the cold air into the city. 3 people collapsed immediately from the cold air. So 450 people made it out of the gate before the emperor closed it.


So, for at least 3 hours they ran and ran for as long as they could until they were exhausted when they arrived by the ocean the ‘mighty ocean.’ Luck was on their side.

For Now.


Meanwhile at the Common Castle – – 

“How can you let 450 people escape through the gates and you didn’t even attempt to stop them?”

“I promise sir. It won’t happen again.”

“Good. Now get as many perimeter guards on the search for them. I’m not giving up yet.”


To be continued…….


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