Being a Vegetarian by Caroline W.

Being a vegetarian

by Caroline W.

Did you know that 56 billion farm animals are killed each year by humans for food? That number does not even include seafood, which is a much bigger number. People say that it is just part of nature for animals to kill other animals for food. But 56 billion animals is a number that is way too big. Humans have other choices. We don’t have to kill animals for food. We have other ways of getting our food like eating vegetables and fruits, and grains, and, even eating dairy does not kill animals.

The average American eats 2,147 chickens in their lifetime. That is 2,147 chickens who had to have a terrible life, then they had to die to feed one person. You will kill 2,147 chickens and 71 turkeys by the time you die!

For people who are vegetarian, even just for a little while, those numbers are less. That means less animals that were just living their lives, then had to die. 3.2% or 7.3 million adults in the United States are vegetarian. 3% of eight to eighteen year olds are vegetarian.

This Fall, my sisters and I decided to be vegetarian. At first, I thought that it would be hard, but once I stopped eating meat, it was not actually that hard. In the two months that we have been vegetarian, me and my sisters have saved 13 chickens that we would have eaten if we were not vegetarians. Occasionally, we still eat meat, sometimes we do not have another choice. I think that being a vegetarian is not too hard and definitely worth it, you should try it too!


  1. Great 😎😎😎😎😎 job

  2. How will kids that play lots of sports get their protein in. Protein shakes? I’ve tried those and i don’t like them. I really have to eat chicken and turkey.

  3. Olivia Julian says:

    I think that if my family and I gave being a Vegetarian a try it would be fun to do something new and would save a lot of meat.

  4. Nice job! You did an amazing job describing the facts for vegetarians. It seems like you know a lot. Keep up the good work!

  5. Colin McCarthy says:

    Have you ever thought that plants are killed when people eat them too?They are alive just like animals, and people should care about them. Have you ever thought you are killing tomatoes, and basil, and more when you eat them? The only way out of this is to eat things that are already dead. Thanks for caring, though.

  6. Seam Memmott says:

    I agree, animals matter too and we are the cause of it #Animallivesmatter

  7. nice job on it

  8. no i would not want to be a vegetarian

  9. I would not like to be a vegetarian because I like to try new things and vegetarian have to eat vegetables and i don’t like vegetables

  10. We are animals too. Although I love meat, I also think #Animallivesmatter.
    Am I copying?

  11. Zachary Austrager says:

    This is a very interesting topic. I think that animals AND plants matter to live. I think becoming vegetarian would be an interesting lifestyle.

  12. im too lazy to go vegans

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