The HUGE Journey by E.W.S.

The Huge Journey

BY: None Other Than E.W.S!


Billy was excited. He was moving to Utah with his brother, Bob, and his other brother, Joe. Their parents often call them a BBJ sandwich. They loved hanging out. Everyone except Joe.

Their parents stopped for gas. And Dad said they should go buy some things in the gas station. Billy had to go to the bathroom. When he got in, Joe locked him in. Soon the family left. What gas station has a lock on the outside?

An hour later, they realize that Billy isn’t there.

“Where’s Billy?” asked Bob with a scared tone in his voice.

“Joe, did you lock him in?” asked Mom.

“Yeah, so what? Does he even matter to us? Well not to me.” retorted Joe.

“Honey, when are we getting back to that gas station?” asked Mom.

“I’m afraid he will have to find his way home.” replied Dad.

Meanwhile, at the gas station, Billy was able to get out of the bathroom when somebody else unlocked it. He realized that he, the youngest Stoneston, had to walk home…. in the desert! He asked the man at the front counter for a map and spent his money on it. He looked at it. It shows this:

He had to do a long journey. A Huge Journey. How can he do it?

Find out in Chapters 2-6!


  1. Great start to your book!

  2. I like where this is headed, Mr. S.

  3. good work

  4. great job i really like it

  5. What kind of Dad leaves his son out in the middle of the desert! Good job by the way.

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