“Life Will Shape Your Future” by former Walsh EZINE student/writer Cari Schlossberg…


Dear students of Walsh Middle School 

Life Will Shape Your Future

By former Walsh student/EZINE writer and FHS Grad

Cari Schlossberg

Life is going to test you in many ways. It’s going to challenge you to take risks, jump over obstacles, and make you become the best you possible. It does not seem like it now, does it? You’re just a teenager, or even preteen, and you have what feels like a lifetime ahead of you before you get to college. That’s what it felt like for me at least.

I would count, literally count, the seconds in the school day. How many ticks to the minute is there left? When do I get to go home? I don’t want to be trapped here anymore. But I ask you all to not do that. Why? Because you’re going to learn so much in the next few years, and not all of it is academics. You’ll learn about yourself, your friends, what you enjoy doing, where you think you’ll go next, who you’ll be with, how you’ll get there. Enjoy the precious moments such as those now, while you can.

Unless the idea of term papers, big projects, late night study sessions, and more, excite you. It’s nothing glamorous, trust me. What is, on the other hand, is the friends you’ll make and adventures you’ll go on. You’ll discover that all of what you do now, good or bad, shapes who you’ll become in the future.

This is my suggestion: write a letter to yourself, perhaps on your next birthday so it’s a day that’s meaningful to you. Don’t write about Donald Trump, or about your new Iphone X, or about how many likes you got on your last Instagram photo. Those are things that you’ll remember, and if not, you can always look it up again. Write about your life: what’s good and what’s bad. Write about who’s in it: who’s important? What’s important?

Remember your life for what it is now: the present. Put it in an envelope and seal it tight. On the front, write your name and the date. Under that, write the date you want to open it again. Maybe it’s the day you graduate high school, you move out of your parents’ house, you get married. Whenever you choose to, make it a day that’s at least several years away so you can see the difference between the future and now.

Good luck with everything you do and make Framingham proud!

Caroline (Cari) Schlossberg

Former Walsh student, EZINE writer, and Framingham HS Grad


  1. Mary O'Brien says:

    Well said Caroline! Thanks for sharing your insights with our students. Hope all is well with you and your family. Please visit!

    Ms. O’Brien-Harte

  2. Ms. Herrmann says:

    Hi Cari! Thanks for taking the time to write this! I love your advice and I hope some of our students do indeed take a moment to write themselves a letter. I have done this a few times in my life and it’s an invaluable experience. Hope you are well & enjoying the holiday season!

    – Ms. Herrmann

  3. Great advice from someone who has obviously been maturing since you walked our hallowed halls. Nice piece!

  4. Mr. Minihan says:

    Thank you Caroline for this wonderful advice for our students. I especially like your letter writing suggestion.

  5. Mrs. Puricelli says:

    I love this piece of advice, Caroline. Thanks for sharing it with Walsh’s current students!

  6. Ms. Dykeman says:

    Wow! You have given me a fantastic idea for a lesson plan in my ELA class. Thank you Cari!

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