Big and Lovable – A Pet Anthology – By E.W.S

Big and Lovable

A Pet Anthology

By E.W.S


Run Free

Sad to see you go

I wanted to make bread

But I was out of dough

And I didn’t know you were purebred

I had to take you to the vet

You looked sad

This was your best bet

I couldn’t say you were bad

But I have to say goodbye

I will miss you

I could’ve made a pie

You had no clue

You were the star

Of my life

So now

Run free

Inspired by my dog


You will be remembered



I’m so glad

To have a fish

You’re so sad

You don’t have friends

Some  bought to be pets

Others to be meals

People care about wet

Some have made a deal

But don’t worry

I will care for you

You will tell a story

You lit to be blue


Inspired by my 2 fish

Rocket (No longer Alive)

Fin (Alive)

Rocket will be remembered


The Furry One


Black Fur


Not a pig

Doesn’t go bur

Wasn’t that puffy



She wasn’t that cold

You just had to Admire

Inspired by my other dog


You will be remembered


I would like to thank you for reading these poems.

I think they could have been better.

To all of those cat-people, I like dogs more. Sorry 😐

And sorry if I didn’t include your favorite pet.

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  1. Amazing poems!

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