VEX ROBOTICS Competition in December – “In the Zone” video by Jay A.

Back in December before vacation, the VEX ROBOTICS competition was held at Walsh Middle School with over 25 middle school teams from throughout New England competing. The small gym served as the teams’ working space areas, with tables and space allotted for each team. A practice field was also situated in the small gym, while all of the competitions were held in the big gym. Snacks for lunch and the day were sold outside the cafeteria.

At the end of the day, WalshBots Team # 9791C (CJ, _ , Paige, Molly, Jack), took home the Excellence Award! Nice going Walshbots!

Come join us on Sat. January 20th all day (8AM Р5PM) for the next Regionals tournament at Walsh Middle School and watch  HIGH SCHOOL teams only face some exciting competitions!

Thanks to TV/Video Club Production team (Jay A. Alex. S., Vincent D., Colby B., and Framingham Access, Chris D.), for shooting this “In the Zone” video of the December tournament and to Jay for the nice job editing and putting it all together!



  1. E-Zine Editors says:

    great job on the video, Jay!
    and Alex, Vincent, Colby, and Jay for all the B-Roll!

  2. alex secora says:

    you’re welcome

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