David Szakaly’s abstract moving gifs

 Mesmerizing Animated GIFs
Mesmerizing Animated GIFs
Mesmerizing Animated GIFs

David Szakaly creates abstract moving gifs that appear to be way more than just a few images repeating. He’s been archiving these little artworks on his Tumblr blog dvdp for years. Look through his archives to see the variety that he has created.

Very cool, hey?!

from Laughing Squid



  1. :) rishita says:

    OMG! That is amazing

  2. steven herrera says:


  3. These look so cool!

  4. wow this is so cool!!!!!

  5. That is very cool and interesting!

  6. these are awesome!

  7. I lOvE ThIs!

  8. That is awesome!

  9. Rishabh Jain says:


  10. This is sooooo cool!!! Great job!!!!!

  11. that is very amazing but it messes with my eyes

  12. Awesome, how did you make these?

  13. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Brian Herandez says:

    That’s so cool!


  16. Isabella Correa says:

    THAT IS SO AMZING AND AWESOME!I want to do that:(/:)/!!!!!!

  17. That looks so cool!!!

  18. Mustache Lover says:

    so amazing and awesome it is so cool! And i want to learn how to do that

  19. Owen Steede says:

    wow! that is so cool! I could look at this all day!

  20. These are really cool! I bet it takes a long time to make these.

  21. Madelyn Rose says:

    those are awesome! they are so distracting!

  22. Sofia Balboni says:

    o: wow

  23. it gives me headaches

  24. DAVID these are terrific : ) I particularly loved the “slinky” gif as it reminded me of my childhood… thanks!

  25. lily fairneny says:

    wow trippy i have a headache

  26. I really had to think for a second… these are so cool!

  27. So cool! My friend Abigail and I love seeing these

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