Pokemon Gem III 64-Bit Goodness, by Brendan Qi

“I don’t understand why the third generation of Pokemon were named after gemstones, but whatever works”– A lot of people.

Review of Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald for GBA! It’s the third installment in the series, or if you count versions it is the ninth, funnily enough.

Before I get started, this article was suggested by a friend of mine, though I don’t know if he wants his name in the article, but his name is ******

Core Gameplay [17/20]

The gameplay is all fun. Like I said earlier, this is the third installment and enough is added to make it different from the others. The usual catch pokemon raise ‘em up style of gameplay is still there, but with every generation more and more stuff but this generation added more than some of the others. First off, ABILITIES! These quirky little things were added and so much more happened. The deal is that every pokemon has an ability, and these do things up to making your pokemon go first in certain weather condition[which they majorly buffed] and other things like just straight up doubling your attack and making some terrible pokemon in gen II to absolute beasts in gen III. If you don’t understand the core gameplay of every pokemon game, and that is present in this one, the core gameplay is this: Throw pokeballs catch pokemon. Battle them to make them more powerful. Battle by selecting moves, Use certain moves on certain pokemon to do more damage. That’s really how it works, at it’s core. That’s about most of the changes they added. There were three main complaints that hamper this gem. 1: Too much surfing. There are routes where you just surf, surf, and surf and all you ever fight is water types which is terrible if you have a lot of fire types. Another problem is the grinding. The pokemon start ending up to hard to beat, so you have to grind against wild pokemon. Which takes forever! The last problem is that some pokemon aren’t at their full potential or just downright aren’t good because of a small flaw that was fixed in Gen IV.

Music [15/15]

Because this is an online article, I can link to music. Here is the top three themes!

Gym Leader Theme

This theme is rather fun and playful and but at the same time it reminds you that your opponent is a formidable challenge. The notes and beats are just so right and fitting for the battles.

Elite Four Battle Theme

This song is intense. It has an awesome bassline that adds to the music and just a bunch of nuances that are added that really represent what’s the song all about. And also, the song is about the fact that you worked very hard for this moment. It was the whole reason you fought the Gym Leaders! But, what you didn’t realize that someone else beat you to the punch. Someone else beat the Elite four faster.

Champion Battle! (Steven) (Yeah!)

The true final battle. This is theme is like a mix between the Gym leader theme and the Elite Four theme. Not only does it have that tenseness to it, it also has some of the funness that the Gym Leader theme.

Graphics [14/15]

This category is short. The graphics are pretty good for GBA standards. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s quality graphics. Most models look pretty good, considering this was their first pokemon game on the new system.


This category gets a lot of hate. This is a very important category in every pokemon game. Everyone the designs in this game aren’t good, but I think I like this gen best. It’s the only game where I like every single one of the starters [the first pokemon you get to pick] and some of them are just really good. Also this Gem is the only one to date that has two pseudo legendaries. A pseudo legendary is a Poke with 600 base stat total, evolves 3 times, and takes 1,250,000 experience to level up to 100.(I got that of bulbapedia)  Let me Show off some of the cool ones:

Difficulty [6/7]

The difficulty is really no problem. Most bosses are pretty easy to beat as long as you are somewhat competent at pokemon. The only problem is that you have to train for a while before the final boss, but everything else is rather easy.

Story [10/13]

The story is, well something. You are a boy/girl. Who’s father(which its rare to have a father in pokemon games) is a famous gym leader and your mother sleeps in the kitchen for some reason, because you have the only visible bed. Anyways, you go around collecting gym badges, sort-of keys to the pokemon league, where you can test your skills with the elite four. Then you run into team Magma and Aqua. Depending on which game you have, Ruby or Sapphire, the Evil team will be different. If you have Emerald, then you fight both teams. Team Magma/Aqua steals an orb to awaken the legendary pokemon, while you are given the opposite orb of the one that the Team took. Team Aqua/Magma then awakens the legendary pokemon, Kyogre/Groudon[Both of them in Emerald] , in an attempt to make more Land/Sea. The pokemon then goes berserk because it was fed the wrong orb. Then it proceeds to cause a mass flooding/drought that terrorizes the region. You use the correct orb to calm and defeat the pokemon, and everyone is happy. In Emerald, both pokemon were released and fought. To stop the chaos, you summon Rayquaza using the orb and Rayquaza defeats Kyogre and Groudon and flies away. The end. It has problems because it’s, in that why would anyone want more sea? And why would anybody want more land? The earth is fine as it is. The storyline in Emerald, where you fight both Magma and Aqua is the best in my opinion.

Bosses/Characters [19/15]

Let’s start with characters. The villain characters, Maxie and Archie are fun characters, and they actually managed to achieve their goal, but their motive was stupid. Expanding the seas? Then we will all drown. Expanding the land? More land could cause wars over who could own it.  Like I said earlier, the conflicting teams was a better idea in Emerald. Other characters, like Steven are extremely cool, and others, like Wallace, are stupid and lame. Anyways, on to the boss fights! Maxie and Archie are much more successful at being a boss then a character. You can have a legitimately hard fight with them. Then there is Steven, who is extremely tough, and extremely fun, his Pokemon are based around steel types, so that makes him even cooler. And the elite four are all a fun challenge, so yeah the bosses are pretty good! Can’t say the same for characters though.

Controls [5/5]

Normally, controls are important, but this is an RPG, so it doesn’t matter here. The menu system works, the battles are navigated, and all around the control is perfect.

Not that I’d expect anything less from an RPG

Abridged Version:

Core Gameplay [17/20]

Music [15/15]

Graphics [14/15]


Difficulty [6/7]

Story [10/13]

Bosses/Characters [9/15]

Controls [5/5]

Tally:  86/100 = B

Overall, this one is good! I wouldn’t say it was good as Cave Story, but in grading it, it came really close.

That’s all folks!



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