Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Stewart’s Lit Lab Photo Winners – Tri 2

Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Sterwart’s 6th grade Lit Lab Photo Winners – Tri 2 

Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Stewart held a photo contest in their literature lab classes. The idea originated based on an event that takes place in the book Shooting Kabul. The students were challenged to take pictures of their surroundings representing any of the themes found in the book (Family, Survival, Persistence, Kindness, War and Grief). Mikayla Dresser‘s winning photo will be on display in the Main Office in Walsh.

Here are the result from the contests:

First Place

Mikayla Dresser

This picture shows motivation because each cleat represents a different person. Each person is from different towns, different ethnicities, different religions, and have different backgrounds. Some may be blonde, brunette, tall, short, skinny, overweight, rich, poor, funny, or serious. However, we all come together as one to win. We may not be the best team in the world but if we come together we can`t be defeated.


Second Place

Tess Robinson


I took this picture in my neighbor’s yard who was a firefighter in 911. He built this memorial to remember the lost lives of his colleagues and friends. This picture shows The Twin Towers standing proud and tall. The sun gives a contrasting effect to the picture. The plane trail left behind reminds us of the planes crashing into the towers.


Third Place

Brooke CurryDusk in Framingham.JPG

Dear judges,

My photo, Dusk in Framingham, represents the beauty, inside everyone. Some people may be dull on the outside but there is always a spark of color on the inside. My image captures just that. The trees are dull but they have a splash of color right behind them. The sun represents that color. So thank you judges for holding and judging this contest. I hope you like my photo!


Brooke Curry


  1. That’s so pretty Brooke!

  2. Awesome photos.

  3. Isabella Correa says:

    Brooke, that is such a pretty photo you took! I think it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shane Carney says:

    Great photo Tess and good to see Mrs. Parks again

  5. Great job! I like the photos.

  6. That’s a great pic Mik kay kay

  7. Great photos everybody

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