My Experience in the Walsh Robotics Club by Akshay Dupuguntla


6thby Akshay Dupuguntla

I had an awesome day at the Vex Robotics Regionals competition. Actually the whole team did. Thanks to the 8th grade team, we are going to the World Championships! I am so happy about that.

So how did I feel and what did I do, you ask? Let me tell you what I did for the whole day…

    7:00 AM –

I came in to QCC in Worcester, as happy as I can be, but I was early and I didn’t know where to go. Then everyone else came in and we found where to go. We got ready and we were checking in. When we checked in, I was sad because we were told that we couldn’t have a back wheel for the robot since it went out of the range of measurements. We took it off and then we were ready for competition.

Let me give you an experience of one, but tell you how we did on the others. So we (the 6th graders), were the first to go up in our team. We went to the stage in the waiting place and were ready to play a match. We were allied with team 549 which is an awesome team. They had amazing robot compared to ours.

Here is a look of the field. Our robot had to move the red and blue balls around the field. The other diagram is the score board. It tells you the scoring besides hanging, which you also earn points.

So let me tell how we did. We laid our robots down on the starting square and we were ready to play. We started with autonomous which we didn’t have one yet. Autonomous is 15 seconds without using your controller to drive. You have to program it. Our alliance won for that. Then driver’s control started and it was for 1 minute and 45 seconds. I was confident that we were going to win. I pushed the balls from Hanging zone to Middle zone. Team 549 pushed the balls from Middle to Goal zone. As I thought, we won! We didn’t win all of our matches, but we won enough to get chosen by someone and go to the quarter finals.

So this is where we did bad. In an alliance there are 3 teams at this stage. This is where elimination is. On the first match we lost because of a broken robot. The next match we were in to play. We won in autonomous. But in driver’s control was the problem. Our wire connecting to the motor and the cpu, as you would call it, was in the wrong slot. We lost one side. But we didn’t give up and eventually we won! We switched out because of that. But that same robot broke again so we lost in quarter finals. No team in Walsh won that first competition day at QCC. But we hoped we would get the Excellence Award to go to World Championships. Our 8th grade team got that award and now they are going to that event. We are happy for that. That is how I felt about my experience in the Walsh Robotics Club.

6th graders



  1. That sounds like a very cool experience.

  2. the meet does sound like a lot of fun!

  3. The competitions in general are really fun. The club hopes a lot of kids join next year.

  4. This was a really fun year. I hope that we improve next year and go to Worlds though

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