WALSHBOTS – Competition Up-date!



On Thursday, April 16th, the Walshbots Robotics Team started it’s first day of competition down in Kentucky. Reports from Mr. Chesnais, Ms. Herrmann and the team follow –

“We were psyched to win a practice match! We did lose our first match, but our robot was ROCK SOLID!  By the end of the day we lost our first three qualifying matches. 7 more to go! We’re all in Good SPIRITS and having a great time!

Thanks for the Support Walsh staff and students!!

Keep an eye on the E-Zine and/or our Facebook page for pictures and updates and keep those E-Zine comments coming!”

Also check out the event pictures from the VEX sponsors Facebook page and see the vast number of students and countries represented at this amazing competition!

You will also find more pictures and coverage of the competition on the Framingham PATCH!


  1. E-Zine Editors says:

    Some great photos, guys! Looks very intense and fun and like you are all very focused on your work together! Have a blast! Can’t wait to hear all of your different stories of your time at this very cool event!!

  2. Mrs. Curley says:

    Go WalshBots!! You can do it!! What a wonderful opportunity for you all!

  3. Mr. Dassoni says:

    Hang Tough WalshBots!

  4. Mrs. Casinghino says:

    Keep it up! We are proud of you!!

  5. Mrs. Dabrush says:

    The competition looks like a lot of work AND a ton of fun!
    Rock on!
    Enjoy every moment.

  6. GOOOOOOO WALSH BOTS I hope you guys are doing good!

  7. Ms. Marabello says:

    Way to go, Walshbots! We’re so proud of you & rooting you on from home! Hope you’re having a blast.

  8. Good luck to Sam, Nick, and the rest of the Walshbot team. The competition looks like a blast! Enjoy the experience!

  9. Mrs. Gloski says:

    It looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy the experience!

  10. You got this guys!

  11. good job guys you are doing great keep up the good work

  12. nice job guys. wish you the best of luck!

    -sam zalkin

  13. good job so far. I hope you win!!! go Walsh Wildcats!!!

  14. good luck guys!!!

  15. Good luck!!! Hopefully you win! Go WIldcats!!!!!

  16. Go Walshbot!!

  17. Marlena High says:

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. good job! I hope you win

  19. Good luck!!!!

  20. Brock Hoey says:

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. let’s goooo Walshbots!

  22. Mr. Petras says:

    Hang tough! Enjoy the warm Kentucky weather and the marvelous southern cuisine? Nothing like warm grits in the morning and barbeque with sweet tea and some cornbread pudding to make your day. Y’all enjoy!

  23. Mr. Petras says:

    From 8th grade enrichment says…

    Happy Birthday! Happy Passover! Merry Christmas! Say hello to the guy from KFC. Good Luck! May The Force be with you.

  24. Good luck

  25. Mrs. Stewart says:

    You guys are amazing! Best wishes!

  26. Jayne Surro says:

    Do your personal best and you will all be winners 🙂
    We are so proud of the WALSH BOTS !!

  27. kolby castelli says:

    great job! guys hope you win!!!!

  28. Go Walshbots Robotics! you guys can do this!

  29. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. brianna aucoin says:

    good luck guys, make walsh proud! go walshbots!!

  31. keep having fun guys! good luck 😉

  32. good job guys


  34. Yo guys, better win all your next qualifying matches.
    P.S. please give me some KFC

  35. good luck!!!

  36. LET’S GO WALSHBOTS!!!! 🙂

  37. LETS GO!!! GOOD LUCK 🙂

  38. Bridget and Bopha and Kate says:

    from Bridget

    Have fun!
    from Bopha

  39. Bridget and Bopha and Kate says:

    Hope you win
    from Kate

  40. good luck and Ryan, remember about the restaraunt

  41. Olivia Barden says:

    So proud of all of you guys! Can’t believe you made it this far!
    Good luck with the rest of your competitions 🙂

  42. Good luck

  43. Mrs. Leichter says:

    Best of luck and have a wonderful time. What a great opportunity!

  44. Sarah Guernsey says:

    Good job WalshBots! We are all proud of you and rooting for you from afar.

  45. Mrs. Lackard says:

    The best to the Robotics club! You are a fabulous group of talented students!

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