eevee life


eevee life

by a Walsh 8th grade

Independent Writer’s Group

Kiersten Miller as Glacier the Glaceon

Sasha as Blue Moon or Moon for short the Umbreon

Jordan Miller as Lily the Leafeon

Trisha as Cinder the Sylveon

Myna as Flame the Flareon

Katie as Rai the Jolteon (Spiky Pikachu)

Mckenzie as Silk the Espeon

Noelle as Riptide the Vaporeon

Kara as fluffy eevee


It was a dark, cold night. The moon rose, an icy silver in the sky. The stars dotted the black sky coldly.

An Umbreon stared up at the sky, sighing. Neither the moon nor the stars were very much company, even though she liked it that way; alone. She was only visible by the glowing silver blue coming off the stripes of her body.

“On a dark night like tonight, it makes me wonder what my purpose is. There’s nothing I do but hunt and stay away from trainers, really. And live, I guess. But what am I living?”

“Life?” Commented a yellow Jolteon, with a single yellow stripe across his back and spiky fur from behind.

“Who are you?” The Umbreon asked dangerously, her pale green eyes glowing ominously.

“I’m Rai. You?” The Jolteon questioned, paying no mind to the hostility the Umbreon was currently expressing.

“You shouldn’t have heard that. Forget you ever met me.” The Umbreon replied in a cold voice. “Forgetting me is easier for everyone, anyway.” Despite her voice, her eyes displayed a hurt look in them. She sighed.

“And how so?” Rai asked, with the same nonchalant expression.

“It’s not something you should know. The less you know the better.” She said, getting herself together. Her eyes lost their emotion, and her cold voice took over.

“Sooo I’m guessing you’re a dark type.” Rai said with a hint of amusement.

“You don’t understand.” She said desperately. “And I don’t think anybody ever would. I need to go.” She turned her back to him.  

“Woah, wait a second!” Called the Jolteon. “You can’t just leave like that! I don’t even know your name…”
“It’s better that way.” She replied. “Look up, and you’ll have a hint.” With that, she disappeared into the shadows, before the Jolteon could stop her.

“…That was pretty cold… She needs to chill out…” Rai muttered under his breath, smirking at his own puns. He looked up, taking the Umbreon’s advice despite assuming it was a metaphor. Everything seemed normal, but one thing. A star the color of the Umbreon’s stripes.

“D’uh.” Commented Rai. “Well that’s new. That Umbreon either just became a star or knew about that. Either way… It’s making me wish I had wings.” Rai sighed.

“If only…”


“That Jolteon….he was the first to notice me since him. The Umbreon sighed. She lurked in the shadows, lingering nearby. She knew she shouldn’t care, she knew she’d put him in danger, but he saw me.. That had only happened once. “Does he…believe?” She sighed. “Maybe what he said is true. At least…before it happened. Should I risk it?” She murmured to herself. “If this ends up going wrong, it could put him in danger, and it could put the whole world in danger too.” The war inside her head continued, until finally she stepped once more out of the shadows, on the other side, to see if he’d notice. Maybe he hadn’t been talking to her. Maybe he’d been talking to himself.

Rai turned. “Oh, hey again, Darky!” He called teasingly.

“You did….” She murmured. “But how?

“‘It’s called making nicknames.” He replied flatly.

“I’m not talking about that. She said, annoyed.

“How’d I what then, Darky?”

“Nothing.” She sighed.

“‘Kay, Darky.” Rai said teasingly. ‘The less you know the better’ anyways, huh?”

“I don’t appreciate your humor.” Her eyes glowed.

“Aww. Tibia honest, I personally thought I was pretty Humerus. Rai snickered.

“Oh dear Arceus. Why you?” She sighed. “It couldn’t be someone practical and completely serious, could it?!” She shouted at the sky.

“But I’ve got some serious puns. You’ve gotta admit that much, at least.”

“I don’t think that’s a good thing.” She admitted. “Stupid prophecy.” She muttered under her breath.

“What prophecy?” Questioned Rai, with a tilt to his bright yellow head.

“Nothing.” She sighed.

“Aww, c’mon! Tell me something! You’re so darn secretive!” Complained Rai. “…Darky.”

“There’s a reason for that.”

“Aw!” Rai whined. “…So why can’t you tell me your name?”

“Because it could put your life in danger.”

“Oooh! Does it have to do with the prophecy?”


“It does, doesn’t it?” Confirmed Rai.

“What do you think?”

“Boo” a voice said from up above.

“ACC!” Rai leaped up in the air, static sparking around him for a few seconds before he could do anything

“Hahahahahaha” the voice said closer than the other.

“I got them good”

“Yes you did, their faces!”

Rai narrowed his eyes. “Who are you two?” He questioned.

“Who needs to know?”

“Am I the only nice one here?” Complained Rai. “It’s not like telling someone your name gives you a weakness or anything…”

“Well I like my name to be to myself.” Came the same voice as a Leafeon comes out.

“Well! My name is Rai!” Rai said cheerfully.

“Well I have a life. I think I saw some others, I need another laugh.” The voice came from the trees closest to Rai.

“Well I like these creatures, I’m Lily.” Said the Leafeon.

“Fine I will go scare the others, looks like a Flareon, and a Sylveon.” The voice said over rustling leaves as she left the area.

More that can see me?” The Umbreon frowned. “But how?!”

“Don’t ask me, Darky. You’re the one that’s talking all insane-like about some sort of prophecy.” Rai shrugged.

“I hate the prophecy.” She said. “And quit calling me Darky. It’s irritating.”

“No-can-do, Darky. I don’t have another name to call you, so why not Darky?”

“Okay, fine. If you die it’s not my fault.” She groans. “My name is Blue Moon, or Moon for short.”

“Yay more friends!” Lily smiled.

“I am not a friend of anyone.” Moon growled. “I am alone and I always will be. And you’re probably in danger now that you know my name.”

“We’ll tell that to everyone!” The tree voice said again.

“This isn’t worth it.” Moon decided. “I don’t care about the prophecy, you hear me?!” She shouted up at the sky once more. In response, the moon began to glow an ominous red. “Ugh, fine!” She sighed. “But I won’t like it!”

“Okay so we have creepy, sparky, and a little flower.” Said  another tree voice.

“I’m a dark type, we’re all supposed to be creepy, remember?” Moon asked sarcastically.

“Well I am a flower, lily is a type of flower!” Lily hissed.

“Yeah we know.” Moon rolled her eyes. She was getting annoyed of these Pokemon very quickly.

“Well get use to it!” the first tree voice said. “I told an eevee, this one is moody!”

Why, Arceus? Why them?” Moon asked sadly.

“Incoming!” Said the first voice, as the tree branch they were on fell down after the flareon sneezed.

“Ahhhhhh!” Something seemed to be falling down in the air.

“Oh great. I’m surrounded by a bunch of Bidoofs.” Moon lashed her tail. “I think I’m going to leave now.” As she said that, the moon glowed red once more. “WHY ME?!” She asked angrily. “WHY COULDN’T YOU SEND SOL?!”

The screaming started to get louder.


“What is that dreadful screaming?!” Moon demanded.

As it got closer they could see what it was.


“Why is there a flying- excuse me, falling Sylveon?”

“Don’t know that one.”

As it came in it fell straight on the ground.

“That must’ve hurt a lot.” Moon said, wincing

“Well looks like it decided to drop in.” the glaceon said, “Well Rai has been oddly quiet. Where is he anyways?”

As all the Eevees chatted with each other, Rai stood a few feet back, watching with an unreadable expression. Not hearing the Glaceon, he continued watching.

“Ugh……hmmm?…where am I…?”said the sylveon. “Huh!?” said the sylveon as it got up.

The sylveon looked around and saw everyone.

“W-who…are you..?”

“I can’t do this anymore.” She sighed. “Sol would be SO MUCH BETTER AT THIS.” She shouted again.

The sylveon was startled.

“Creepy over there is always like that,” The Glaceon said.

“Where am I!?” The sylveon said as she took in the area around her.

“Please, please…don’t hurt me..!”  she said backing away.

“I won’t can’t say the same for Darky over there.” The Glaceon said.

She was very nervous, and then ran away from them. Bonking into an eevee.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” As she ran past the eevee. Into a vaporeon

“The gathering is the other way!” The vaporeon said.

Rai looked over at the two, still with the same unreadable expression.

“G-gathering… uh I’m not going there, sorry!” The Sylveon ran off being careful not to bump into anyone. Hopefully know one knew that she was limping.

She seemed to make it away from the huge crowd.And saw and hole inside a tree.

“Ah! Perfect, I’ll stay here for now!” She said quietly limping to the hole.



“So Darky what is the prophecy?” The Glaceon said. Turning around to see Moon was gone.

I’m done with these Pokémon. She thought, angrily. One was annoying enough, and these have stupid nicknames and half of them fell off of things. She paced through the shadows, still lingering. She knew it was the only way, but, she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tolerate them, not even for a second. Moon slunk away in the shadows, looking for a new plan.

“Where is Moon? I think she’s hiding.” Lily said.

“That Sylveon…” Moon muttered to herself. “She looked so familiar.” She slunk over to where she noticed the Pokémon had gone.

She slunk over, carefully and quietly, in the direction she’d seen the Pokemon go.

“Sylveon?” She called, quietly enough so that the others wouldn’t hear her, but loud enough so that the Sylveon might.

“Hey is Moon playing hide and seek?” Lily asked. “I want in.”  Then Lily ran off and no one cared. until she came back with a vaporeon, and an eevee.

“I’m back.” Lilly called, rushing back over. Everyone was still and silent.

“I’m going to play hide and seek with whoever wants to join.” Lily said excitedly.

Moon sat beside a tree, and looked up at the receding night. It was almost morning. The stars were fading from view; her last connection to her home and what she came here to do.

“Fine,” Lilly didn’t come back.

Rai yawned, alerting the others of his presence. He seemed to have followed the others. “Uh, d’ya think we should go and find… What’s her name? Lily?” Asked Rai, with a slight shrug.

“Well she did bring us trouble!” the glaceon said

“Eh. Okay…” Rai shrugged. “It’s sort of dangerous around this part though. I’ve heard rumors that some ‘Trainers’ travel here occasionally. Should we really let anyone go alone..?”

“Well Moon is.”

“Yeah well I’ve tried to find her before and it’s not easy… But I suppose you’re right…”

“By the way name is Glacier.”

“I’m Rai!” Rai’s facial expression changed to a grin.

Meanwhile, the sylveon was licking her sprained paw.

“Sylveon, it’s almost morning, and I’m going to try this once more. I’m not here to harm you or anything but it’s almost morning and you simply cannot keep going with that limp. Especially because you fell from the sky, you should’ve suffered more injuries.” Moon sighed.

The Sylveon flinched after hearing a voice in the distance. She was slowly getting up.

Moon noticed a sudden shift in the shadows. “I don’t mean to harm you, Sylveon.” She called, getting closer to the general area of the Pokemon.

The Sylveon got into a running position in case she needed to run.

“I really don’t mean to harm you, Sylveon. Besides, what would I even be able to do?” She chuckled. “Dark types can’t do anything to fairy types, you know that, right?”

“L-leave…me..a-alone..!” The sylveon demanded, her voice shaking.

“You don’t find me the least bit familiar? Because I feel like I know you…” Moon said, her voice growing disappointed. “Oh well, I must’ve been wrong.” She sighed. She began to turn around, she was done with everything here. She just figured she’d find a way back to her home.

…to be continued…

”No!” the sylveon yelled and stomped her paw down. Then the umbreon froze. Unable to move.

“Sylveon. Stop.” Moon gritted her teeth.

The sylveon gasped. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I don’t…I don’t know what I did.” She stared down at her paws.

“You don’t realize you can do things?” Moon asked curiously. “What do you even know?”

“I can sorta I’m still learning…” The sylveon says as she looks at herself.

“Learning what? You fell out of the sky. Say, do you remember what happened before that by any chance?”

“No…not at all..”

“Well, don’t you find that odd at all?”

A small rustling sound came from the nearby forestry. It was barely noticeable, however.

The sylveon gasped lightly, moving her head in the direction of the noise.

Hearing it, Moon also whipped her head forward, baring her teeth and fluffing herself up. The stripes along her body began to glow, flashing dangerously.

“Calm down,” A voice sounded. Moon jumped back as if she’d seen a ghost.

“Yeah. We’re only here to help you, Moon.” A second voice agreed.

“B-B-But it can’t be…” Moon stammered. “You weren’t allowed to come…”

Out of the foliage, two figures emerged, a Luxray, and an Absol.

“S-S-Sol……Sh-Sh-Shadow…” Moon sunk to the ground, sobbing lightly.

The two Pokemon joined her, helping her back up.

“I can’t do this…I tried but I can’t.” Moon said sadly. “I can’t save us.”

“Moon, that’s why we’re here.” Shadow said lightly, the Absol trying to comfort his friend. “We’re here to help you.”

“M-M-My shouting…you heard it?” She looked up at Shadow.

“Of course we did, Moon.” Sol replied. “And we had to help you. For more than one reason.”

“Thank you guys,” Moon said. And for the first time since being on this planet, she was happy.

The sylveon just stared at what was happening. Then she slowly stepped out of the tree about to head out.

Moon suddenly remembered. The Sylveon. She whipped her head around quickly, startling both Sol and Shadow to see where the Sylveon was throughout all of this.  

Startled by the Umbreon, the Sylveon jumped up and started to run off again.

“Uh.” Moon looked at both Shadow and Sol quickly before bursting after the Sylveon. Apparently getting the message, Shadow and Sol followed her. Sol was the fastest of the three, and he put on a burst of speed and pulled himself in front of the Sylveon.

The Sylveon, still hurt, wasn’t able to run fast enough. When Sol had blocked her, she tripped on her hurt paw, falling in front of him. She yelped in pain. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize you were hurt! Are you okay?” Sol asked, concern bleeding into his eyes and voice. Shadow and Moon caught up to the two and both of them peered at the Sylveon.

“I-I’m …f-fine.” the Sylveon stammered, slowly getting up. Out of nowhere she ran off once again, in the opposite direction, away from all of them. She tried her best to stay running on her wounded paw.

Sol caught up to her, easily this time. “You really shouldn’t run on that,” he frowned. Moon and Shadow took their time catching up to the Sylveon, and this time they surrounded her, rendering her unable to run away.

The Sylveon whimpered and looked at the Umbreon, Sol and Shadow. While holding her bruised paw up.

“Hmm…” Sol examined the paw, then responded. “Running on that paw will only make it worse,” He said. “What did you do to it, anyways?” He added as an afterthought.


“She fell from the sky,” Moon finished.

“Fell from the sk-” Sol and Shadow exchanged a glance, and then both looked at Moon. “You mean-” Sol asked. Moon nodded.

“B-but…that’s not possible…” Shadow whispered. “It…Can’t be.”

The Sylveon didn’t say anything.

“Do you… do you remember anything before falling…from the sky?” Sol asked lightly, but emotions clouded his eyes, and it was clear all three were immersed in confusion.

“..No.” The Sylveon said looking awkward for a second, then started to walk off.

“Don’t.” Shadow warned. He’d said barely anything the whole time, and his voice was so calculated and cold that it sent shivers down the Sylveon’s spine.

“But I don’t belo-, I mean, I should go. I don’t need to be here.”

“You seriously seem familiar…” Moon said with a frown.

“I’m sorry… but I don’t know you..” She said tilting her head.

“B-But…” Moon said, clearly frustrated. “Your name…it-it starts with the letter….C…, doesn’t it…?” Moon asked.


“How could I have known that if we hadn’t met before?” Moon questioned.

“I don’t know..”

“Please, you have to believe me,” Moon said, a hint of desperation creeping into her voice. “You’re so familiar.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember.” The Sylveon said with confidence, standing up straighter. But then her wounded paw afflicted her again. She yelped in pain from so much pain that she couldn’t handle anymore. She fell to the ground and fainted.

“Well, who’s up for carrying her?” Sol asked.

The three carried the Sylveon back to the tree where Moon had first talked to her, and waited for her to wake up.

to be continued….