DINOSAUR Chapter Story by EWS

The Lost City of the Dinosaurs

by EWS

*Note: This is Fantasy, so the hybrids and cities are not real. And new chapters will be published Thursdays! Please Enjoy!


“Yes!”, said a paleontologist, “I found the lost city of the Dinosaurs.” The lost City of the Dinosaurs had suffered something that nobody knows about. But if the group of paleontologists found a fossilized brain, maybe they could use the new tech and read it’s memories! Oh wait, they did!

“Now lets see. Oh. Oh. Oh my, this lost city was once controlled by a T-Rex that would go around terrorizing everybody! But how was it stopped?”

And so the team of paleontologists started digging everywhere for more clues, and they found the first clue!

Chapter 1: The Beginning!

“Ah,” said the King, T-Rex, “Isn’t it perfect, my guard!”

“Yes it is,” Said the T-Rex’s body guard, a hybrid called a Chesaraptor. This one is named Chestnut, “My lord T-Rex! We are making a new hybrid. It is called a Colosaurus. And please, Chestnut, call me Rex.”

“Yes sir, T-Re- Rex.”

Whooooooooop Whooooooooop Whooooooooop

“The new hybrid escaped!” said a scientist Dino.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!” said Rex.

Later that day:

“Oh aren’t you just an amazing hybrid!” said the oldest dinosaur in town.

“Thanks!” said the hybrid.

“I’ll call you Ulysees! Now you better come in, Chesaraptors will be looking for you.”

“Are you hungry?” asked the old dinosaur, Ulysses now figuring out the dinosaur is a Triceratops. “And I have something to tell you. The prophecy says a hybrid like you will someday save the city from a horrible T-Rex. And that will be you!”

“Uhm, OK!”

“Great, you will begin your training at trading post on the border of Jurassic Land and Mosasaur Ocean, where dinosaurs trade with Mosasaurs. And a hybrid less powerful but still pretty powerful will train you.”

“Is it far?

“No, now we should go!”

“Where is that HYBRID? We should have found him by now.” said Rex.

“We believe he was taken in by him.” answered Chestnut.

“You mean…?”

“Yes, the old Triceratops.”

“I told you we should have eaten him, he has lots of skin on his bones.” said Rex, “He would feed all the Chesaraptors! Delicious right?”

“Yes, indeed!” replied Chestnut.


>To be Continued>……………….

List of dinosaur hybrids so far and what they look like:

Chesaraptor: A Raptor like dino that feeds off of other dinosaur, also has brown splotches of chestnut  colored scales on white scales. Nothing special here!

Colosaurus: A rather small dino, eats your garden because they only eat plants, but they have decent sized head with Dilophosaurus like arks so it can spit venom that can paralyze and blind opponents, stegosaurus like plates running along the back with a pointy tail. Also colored black, blue and green. Otherwise paleontologists know nothing about this hybrid.


“We need more dino brains to figure out more, like what happens next!” said one paleontologist.

“Well, we need time! Mr. Know-it-all.”said another.

“Wait. Are we in a story! It’s that kind of format!” said a scientist, who makes these crazy theories.


Chapter 2


“We are finally there.” said the triceratops.

“Where are we again?” asked Ulysees.

“At Mosasaur Trading post.” answered the Triceratops, “Where dinosaurs and mosasaurs trade in peace.”.



“We should have the hybrid by now.” said Rex, impatiently.

“Yes, we believe it is at the Mosasaur trading posts. And they are finding Marble, the Marble-o-saurus.” replied Chestnut.

“Deploy the Chesaraptor squad!”


Back at the trading posts


“Hello Marble, we were looking to see if you would train Ulysees?” asked the Triceratops.

“How much you got?” asked Marble.

“23,000, now train this one.” said the Triceratops.

“But 23,000 rocks are enough to buy all the best training equipment.” pointed out Ulysees.

“But who will train you?” said Marble and the Triceratops at the same time.

“I could.”

“N’t.” added the Triceratops.




“Is training almost over?” asked Ulysees.



Just Then…


“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…..” said one of the traders.

“The Chesaraptors, they are coming.” said another.

“Search the trading post, if you find the hybrid, tranquilize it,” commanded Chestnut.

“We have to get rid of these party crashers before they destroy the place. And we need to get Ulysees out of here,” pointed out Marble.

“You go with Ulysees, buy a cart from one of the traders, and take the training equipment. I will stay and fight and distract them,” said the triceratops, who knew his story was about to come to an end.

Some Time Later, Back At Rex’s Palace…..


“We didn’t get the hybrid, but we got rid of the triceratops. We do not have to worry about his influence on the people, but Marble escaped.”

“Perfect. We will have the next few Chesaraptors added to your team shortly, they still have to finish training,” said Rex.

to be continued……


New addition hybrid:


Marble-o-saurus: a huge dinosaur, about the size of a T-rex, it’s skin is covered in a black lab’s fur, book scientists, a scientist from a book, think this dinosaur evolved into a modern day black lab dog.


The Dinosaur Travel Song


We are Dinosaurs,

And we have boars,

And not to worry

Cause we have good luck charms

And we won’t scurry

Because we have jacked arms

All the rodents in our path

Will need a big big bath


We are Dinosaurs,

We soar along the tracks

And we have plenty of boars

Not to worry,

We have good luck charms

So we won’t scurry

And we will pass a farm


We have reached the end,

And others will bend

To the biggest track

And if they challenge us,

We will give them a big smack

Now let’s roar

For a boar


Chapter 3


“How much further of this track, Marble?” asked Ulysees.

“Not that far, for you anyways, you are on the cart, while I push it.” replied Marble

“Where is Triceratops?”

“Gone with the wind, that’s my guess anyways.”

“Can we sing the Dinosaur Travel Song again?”

“No, we will stop soon and train and have a meal.”


“In about an hour.”

“I will sleep until then.”

As you can tell, the dinosaurs are currently stressed out about the triceratops.


Back at the City of the Dinosaurs…


“Deploy the Ptarepodons.” demanded Rex.

“We only have 3 out of incubation, and we ca-” said Chestnut before Rex blared out.

“Don’t make me throw you into the great tar pit, now do as I say.” said Rex angrily.


Back to the road


“What is that?” asked Marble.


“No, flying hybrids. Take cover in that cave.”


“Take cover in the cave.” said Marble

Now I bet you are wondering what happens next? First a commercial.


“Ever wondered what life before dinosaurs was like, well come to the prehistoric of the prehistoric museum today and get a discount off anything in the gift shop. Come on down TODAY!!!”


All of a sudden…

“I’m a Zachasaurus!” said a Zachasaurus.

“The Zachasuarus herd, they’re here!” said Marble, “We can get out of the cave.”

Then the Zachasaurus herd start whacking the Ptarepodons out of the sky, a victory for the good guys!


After that, back at Rex’s palace


“This means roar. said Rex.

“I swear the Zachasaurus herd interfered, it will not happen again.” said Chestnut.

“Then you will send the entire hybrid army after them, and you will NOT fail, do you hear me.” said Rex angrily.

“Yes I do, and we will succeed. But what will happen if we don’t?”

“Let’s just say, you’re history.”

to be continued….

E.W.S is letting anyone who takes the survey have a chance to be a hybrid! But when you do, also type a description. Hope to see more people who took the survey!

The next hybrid:


The Zachasaurus is a hybrid, and the only thing known is how it only says “I’m a Zachasaurus”




Picture TIME


Chapter 4

“Hey look, I think I see the ladder to Wingan!” pointed out Ulysees.

“Where?” asked Marble.

In case you don’t know, oh wait, you don’t know. Ulysees, Marble, and the Zachasaurus herd are trying to find Wingan. A place where dinosaurs and flying reptiles trade goods, just like the trading post on the border of Jurassic Land and Mosasaur Ocean.

“Oh wait, it was just a rock formation.” said Ulysees

“No. This is it! The map says tha-” said Marble before she was rudely interrupted.

“I am a Zachasaurus.”

“Maybe we should get a better army.” said Marble. “We will have the Zachasaurus herd stand guard.”


Back at the Palace of Rex

“Where is your positioning Chestnut?” asked Rex.

“Closing in, sir.” replied Chestnut.

“What did we discuss in Chapter 1 Chestnut? Don’t call me sir, call me Rex.”

“Yes si-, T-re-, Rex. But do you have the new hybrids ready? You will need a new bodyguard.” asked Chestnut.

“Yes, but do Marble and the Hybrid have the Lunadon we locked up over there?

“So far, no.”

“Perfect, keep it that way.”


At Wingan


“We got to free the Lunadon. Before Dimorphodon patrol comes around, but if they do, we can blast them with your spit.” said Marble

“Yeah, but wouldn’t the Lunadon be under advanced security?” asked Ulysees.

“Don’t ask questions, just do.”




“Intruder spotted, must destroy.” Said a security pteranodon.

“Run.” Said Marble, “I made a mistake.”

Just then…

“There they are, GET THEM.” yelled Chestnut.

“How do we get out of this, we are literally in a corner?” asked Ulysees.

“JUST SPIT.” yelled Marble.

And so just then…




And so Chestnut and the squad fell to the ground, temporarily paralyzed. The reason being is that Ulysees can spit a goop that can do some power stuff…

“The treasonists are getting away. Will this ever get off of us?” said Chestnut angrily.

They freed the Lunadon, and left Wingan, and went to free more hybrids, and defeat Rex, the day is coming.

Oh and one last thing,



Lunadon: Only thing and coolest thing is that this one has a waning crescent moon at the end of this hybrid’s tail.

Another new hybrid, which I forgot to put in chapter 3 hybrid list is this

Pterepodon: If you search up Dimorphodon, use that head, then imagine bird wings and the crest of a pteranodon


EXTRA FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

A little Sneaky Peak


“They are going for the E Rex next, hear that, it rhymes!” said Rex

“Then we will cut them off, I already have the security pteranodons there as we speak.” replied Chestnut.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” said Rex evilly.

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Chapter 5… and Mid Book

This time, instead of starting with Ulysees and Marble, we are starting at Rex’s Palace. Also, an ‘acknowledgement’ will be at the end of this chapter.

“They are going for the E-Rex next. Hear that, it rhymes!” said Rex.

“Then we will cut them off, I have the security pteranodons there as we speak.” replied Chestnut.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.” laughed Rex evilly.


Back with Marble and Ulysees…


“Wait, what is that oddly suspicious dust cloud over there?” asked Ulysees.

“It’s Chestnut. RUN!” yelled Marble, “If we get to the E-Rex, we can use it to convince Chestnut.”

But what they didn’t know is that the Security pteranodons were a little hungry while standing guard…

“It’s nothing but a pile of bones!” screamed Ulysees in horror.

“Now what?” asked Marble.

“I will tell you what.” said Chestnut, “You will come with me, or that would be some more meat to the army. Pin down the Zachasuarus herd, and also, take down the Lunadon.”

And so her orders were followed.

“Chestnut, please. Join us, you might think this is tyranny to the throne, but what you are doing is bad, Rex is using you, I bet he will eat you once this is all over. But join us, and you will have a long, fulfilling life.” begged Ulysees.

“Velociraptors, Troodons, Spinosauruses, stand down, you too security pteranodons. We now have a different target, and a new leader.” said Chestnut, who Ulysees always knew had a kind heart.


Just then…


“Chestnut, status report,” asked Rex.

“You want some status?” asked Chestnut.

Now, I bet you think that Chestnut is screwed, but just you wait…


“Yes please, Chesaraptor leader.” said Rex

“My status report is the fact that I HATE YOU!” said Chestnut angrily.

“Then there will be a new hybri…” said Rex before she crushed the only way to communicate.


That concludes Chapter 5…


‘Acknowledgement’: I had turned Chestnut and the army good because I have a dog named Chestnut who’s leg is badly injured. So we are currently treating her like an angel, instead of the devil my brother thinks she is. And in this story Chestnut will stay good instead of a last second change. Hey, if you don’t like that, please do my survey and leave a comment there. Thanks.

The ‘new’ hybrid:

This E-Rex could not be defined because the one that was eaten in this chapter was the only one left. I wish it didn’t die, but I like good humor when I said that the pteranodons were a little hungry. And the bones also did decay away. So nothing is known about it.


What Rex was going to say:


“Then there will be a new hybrid, that will be stronger, better, and more lovable than you were Chestnut. And it will have more capabilities than you have, and it will be called Chesaraptor 2.0.”

And of course, he will make one.

BTW, new chapters will be released when they are ready. So this is good for people who love reading this!


Chapter 6     (Rex’s Evil Plan)

All Rex. Sorry, next Chapter will be all Chestnut. 🙂     BTW, this is a fantasy reason for why Jupiter isn’t our second sun.

“Oh raptor scientist? Is the machine ready yet?” asked Rex.

“Yes, one problem though. The machine needs a new power source, what should we use?” said the scientist as he walked up.

“We shall use the smaller disk of light. Jupiter!”

“But that is almost impossible.”

“You said almost, not is. So stomp towards it. We need to wipe out the militia.” exploited Rex.

“Okay. And the Chesaraptor 2.0 squad is ready. For your convenience,” reported the scientist


Now, I bet you’re wondering, what do you mean by the smaller disk of light, Jupiter. Well, search up online if Jupiter was going to be our second sun. It will most likely it will say yes. If no, then they are wrong.


Okay, Chesaraptor 2.0, who is the leader?” asked Rex, even though he knew the answer.

“You sir.” said a ‘robotic’ voice.

“Who is your enemy?”

“Ulysses, Marble, and Chestnut, along with the militia.”

“Very good. We will deploy you soon.” said Rex.


This chapter leads up to the end, and it deals with Chapter 7. Sorry, but this Chapter was kinda short. But the next one will be longer than the others. And because this is getting scary for the ‘militia’, there will be no extras.


Chapter 7 (Chesaraptor Sabotage)


“Ulysees, we are going to sabotage the new machine that Rex is building.” said Chestnut.


“So, we will have to K.O. one of the scientists to question him. Then go and cut one wire, then leave. Is that clear Chesaraptor squad.” whispered Chestnut.

“Yes.” replied the Chesaraptor squad.

“Okay, Chesaraptor 1, you come with me. Chesaraptor 2, 3, and 4, go get a scientist.” Chestnut commanded.


Some time later…


“Why are the alarms off?” asked Chestnut.

“The scientist must have told them!” said Chesaraptor 1.

Now, I bet you are wondering how did this happen? Well maybe a flashback will help!

“Tell us where the machine is. Please.” asked Chestnut.

“The incubation machines?” asked the scientist

“No. The one that will wipe out the militia.” said Chestnut.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t make us go rough, if you tell, you can’t tell anybody that you told.”

“Okay, it’s on floor D, Wing D.” said the scientist quickly and scared.

“Thank you.” said Chestnut politely. “Chesaraptor 2, 3, 4. Go figure out about this new hybrid they are making. Chesaraptor 1, come with me to destroy the machine.”

“Wait, is that what I think it is?” asked Chesaraptor 3.

“It has to be.” said Chesaraptor 4.

“Intruders spotted. Must destroy.” said Chesaraptor 2.0

“It heard us. RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.” yelled Chesaraptor 2.


Back with Chestnut


“Why are the alarms off?” asked Chestnut.

“The scientist must have told them!” said Chesaraptor 1.

But the scientist didn’t, Chesaraptor put the whole place on lockdown. So nobody can escape.

“Quickly cut the wire,Chestnut.”

“Oh, Chestnut. I should have known you would have come back.” said Rex calmly. “You won’t escape, no matter what you do.”

“Oh yes there is.” said Chestnut when she did the ‘impossible’. She pointed the machine at the wall, then wired it so that she could blow it up. Everything lit up, a big beam came out of the machine, and destroyed the wall and the machine. Chestnut was fine.

“Chesaraptor squad, move out.” yelled Chestnut as Chesaraptors 2-4 ran up to escape Chesaraptor 2.0.


Chesaraptor 2.0

This modified Chesaraptor is way smarter, like a computer, has a radar tail, and is ‘quicker’. Comes in handy when fighting. The one downside is that this dinosaur is born blind. Another use for the radar tail!



Picture Time:


Chapter 8 (Freedom Squadron)


“This is Freedom 1, we need an opening.” said Freedom 1, also known as Ulysees.

“We give you your opening.” said Rock 6, or Marble.

You should probably know that they are engaging Rex’s palace. They divided all the dinosaurs into squadrons, or groups for attacking. Ulysees is the leader of Freedom Squadron.

At Rex’s Palace

“They are engaging, should we deploy the Chesaraptor 2.0?” asked one of Rex’s scouts.

“No need to make that mistake. We need to save our resources, but stand your ground.” said Rex.


Back with Ulysees


“They won’t budge.” said Freedom 4.

“They’ll have to.” said Freedom 2.

“Shall we use our blinkers?” asked Freedom 3.

“Yes.” said Ulysees.

In case you don’t know, blinkers are prehistoric machines that shoot glowing rocks.

“There is our opening, GO!” said Ulysees, now looking up at the only disk of light in the sky.

“We can’t keep this opening for long. Now go.” said Marble.




“Chesaraptor 2.0 patrol, we will have to K.O. one.” said Ulysees.


“Tell us what you know.” said Freedom 2.

“Rex is on floor 5, block 1.”

“Freedom squadron, move out. And Marble, how are the other squadrons holding up?” asked Ulysees.

“Bad. Half of the squadrons have been taken down and arrested. What about you?” replied Marble.

“Going for Rex.”

“Not for long.”

Extra: Picture

Chapter 9 FINAL

“Not for long.” said Marble.

“I should have known you would betray us, Marble.” said Ulysses.

“Well, she did it for a good cause.” said Rex. “And I see you have made good use of your skills. But can you be….”




Just then, Chestnut came in for the win. She talked to Rex like it was Jurassic Park, Rex barely standing a chance.

“Look at this. Ugh. More traitors.” said Rex angrily

“Surrender now Rex, before we go rough.”

“Marble, engage the traitors.”

Then Ulysees knocked Marble, with his tail, flying into a wall.

“What did I say?” asked Ulysees.

“Chesaraptor 2.0, come here.”

“I’m afraid she can’t join us.” said Chestnut.

“Then I will surrender.” said Rex, really, he meant it.

The celebration lasted 7 days, when they would send Rex and his goons on a boat out to sea, the planes were all used for transporting dinosaurs for touring, and the Rebels were all given a special card that gives them the ability to get free meals and services. And Ulysses and Chestnut became President and Vice-president of Jurassic Land. It turns out that Marble was the spy people were talking about, so she was sent with Rex. And Rex’s palace was destroyed for a huge mall.

An expedition will be leaving soon, so please read the SEQUEL!!! Coming out around Thanksgiving.